Curaizon We’re solving an enormous real-world problem by helping patients take their medications properly

Curaizon. and that I was inquisitive about this project as a result of the team performing on the project goes to alter our lives, specifically to revolutionize the health care system with the assistance of a invasive information of Analytics performing on the blockchain.
This project solves a large real downside, serving patients to require medicines properly.
Every day, countless individuals don’t take their medicines as prescribed by doctors, and as a result, the value of manufacturing medicines will increase. Worldwide, non-compliance with this demand is cost accounting $ 700 billion. These prices facilitate to scale back the CURAIZON project.
The data that CURAIZON creates is exclusive and of nice worth to pharmaceutical corporations, researchers and governments around the world.
Every time a patient uses CuraServe technology, the project databases are updated with new helpful data and gain a lot of worth.
The project CURAIZON daily gather fully anonymous information concerning however and once patients are taking medications.
CuraTokens tokens are the sole thanks to accessing our databases. These tokens are often wont to access information that may advance medical analysis to scale back health care prices and save countless lives.
The value of the token CuraToken supported real answer to real-world issues.
This video can assist you to perceive however CURAIZON works.
Curaizon is that the sole company that provides an entire healthcare scheme. It supports patients by observation their compliance with the doctor’s prescriptions. scheme CURAIZON includes CuraServe, CuraData, and CuraView. The project contributes to the reduction of health care prices and therefore the development of medical analysis.
Communicates with patients, exploitation unassertive reminders.
Allows members of the family to receive data concerning the patient’s medication intake and receive data concerning his condition. Maintains period communication with healthcare suppliers and reports patient behavior data.
Integration and exchange of data with health systems.
Ensures the connexion of all patient information.
Provides period feedback to the patient’s electronic anamnesis.
Collects distinctive and valuable information from the information.
Contains solely demographic information and patient adherence information. Patient IDs keep by the health service.
Available via CuraToken.
CuraToken permits CTKN token holders to access anonymous medical information on the blockchain.
CuraTokens is that the solely thanks to accessing Curaizon technology.
The house owners CuraToken unable to access to the info exploitation powerful Analytics, AI and an outsized information within the fight against failure to suits the doctor’s directions on taking medicines.
CuraTokens provides period analysis of patient behavior and adherence.
CuraTokens permits the utilization of blockchain technology to manage authentication, privacy, and answerability, permitting individuals to regulate their information, making certain security, safety, and compliance with all coming, necessary rules, together with GDPR.
The house owners CuraToken grasp that they’re saving the lives of individuals around the world, serving to unravel the matter of non-compliance with the regime of medicines.
CuraServe technology helps patients to require medication in line with doctor’s prescriptions. Curaizon  conjointly cuts health care prices that occur once patients don’t take their medicines properly.
CuraServe technology generates a large quantity of distinctive information in real time, showing, however, individuals take their medicines. This data is incredibly valuable for various teams like pharmaceutical corporations, medical researchers and biotechnology corporations. CuraTokens give house owners with a token access information to question. because the CURAIZON platform works for a protracted time, THEIR information is updated with data that are more used for its meant purpose. A lot of information is collected within the information, the upper the value of CuraTokens tokens.
Token review
CuraToken (CTKN), it’s a token of the quality egip‐20 on Ethereum, which might be wont to access information on medical adherence through the platform CuraData.
CuraToken Pre-Sale: June one, 2018 – June eight, 2018
CuraToken Public Sale: June eight, 2018 – Sept eight, 2018
Softcap : one,000,000 USD
Hardcap : twenty five,000,000 USD
Coins available : 250,000,000
Coin value : zero.2 USD


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