Current Creating a Digital Token That Uniquely Rewards a Person’s time

CURRENT¬† The world is changing so quickly that the more difficult run by his side. Sometimes I feel that if I fall asleep for one year, it is not possible to catch up on all the news, technology, and innovation. I grew up in the VCR and children who have a curious place in the walkman and too cold at the same time. Purchase a video or audio tape is slow, expensive and often very disappointing if you spend money on something you don’t like. Usually, there is no option to listen to a whole album or view video clips before you buy it, so You have to take a rick. Not new news if I told you that at the present time you can enjoy your favorite music for free as many times as you like and watch the whole movie without paying for it, but what if I tell you that you can be paid for streaming your favorite song, or movie clip? The new rebellion project named Current lets you do, plus a lot of things that connect with cool multimedia thanks to blockchain technology.

Multimedia ecosystem is currently supported by the blockchain technology that gives awards to its users to stream their favorite music and video. The more time and care they spend on multimedia streaming via the Current application, the more rewards they will get. The superior part of the current platform is the possibility to provide media recommendations for each individual users with better and more appropriate than any other product available on the market. Currently envisioned as one platform to rule them all, giving its users the best content for personalized based on data from all most popular media network.

The ecosystem of this kind will enable all parties including has many benefits from it. Author and curator appreciated by Current Token (CRNC) as it provides data and consumers will have the possibility to enjoy their favorite multimedia limited options with multiple payment options. On the other hand, advertisers will get direct access to the data of the right consumers they bidir and store most of their marketing budget in this way.

There is one thing that needs to be underscored regarding this project. While this is a big and serious projects developed by the superior team and supported by some of the superstars from the world of business and blockchain are great. Their products are developed until the year 2017 and serves more than 200 thousand people at the moment. According to the roadmap of their current Protocols, and platform will be fully operational and achieve its full potential through the 12 months ahead.

I encourage you to read the Current Deck Business Papers to get a full picture of the development plan in the future, compared to the competition and the business advantages and current technology. This will give you a great insight about this project and make it easier for your potential investment decisions.

Tim saat ini membuat token utilitas berbasis Ethereal sebagai instrumen pembayaran yang sempurna untuk membeli barang, layanan premium, dan inventaris iklan dalam platform Saat ini. Presale mereka hidup pada saat ini, dan ini adalah data ICO dasar:

Nama – Saat ini (CRNC)
Tanggal Presale – 7 Februari 2018 (12:00 AM CT) – 21 Februari 2018 (11:59 PM CT)
Tanggal Penjualan Utama – 14 Maret 2018 (12:00 AM CT) – 4 April 2018 (11:59 PM CT)
Total Supply – 1 Milyar CRNC Tokens (350 Juta untuk dijual)
Harga – $ 0.24 = 1 CRNC Token
Hard Cap – $ 36 Juta

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