Cyber-FM Radio Provides Listeners Access to Music That is Not Normally Available within the “Mainstream.

CYBERFM– a Good time of day, dear readers. It is time to understand such interesting project as CYBERFM and to understand, why it is worthy of separate attention and what is the merit of the project CYBERFM before the world of a new, technological future? In this article, I will try to put the main points on the shelves and answer all possible questions.

About the project
CYBERFM is an internet radio, rooted its beginning in the distant 2006 and actively continuing its activity in the territory of America. Their apps are available in Google Play, App Store and on Amazon. The main slogan of this company sounds like “We are not online radio, we are radio online”. This Tavtologichnoe, at first glance, conveys the main essence of CYBERFM-direct inclusion in the technological modernity and leading position in the introduction of new information content. The radio station fully justifies this statement, as it will be the first radio built on blockchain technology, and has several advantages.

We are accustomed that the format of radio, it is a broadcast on one wave, Cyberfm the same branches on several genre directions: Hip-hop, rock, classics and many others. That is, capturing the target audience at CYBERFM is much wider than that of focused projects. Besides all this, the news feed of this radio includes humorous programs, news about sports events and, most interesting, news about cryptocurrency.

CYBERFM Development
Also, the CYBERFM project contributed to the solution of the problem related to monetization of intellectual work and payment of rotation of author’s works, because the appearance of exploitation of smartphones and computers as the main musical translators, as well as The advent of the internet has radically changed the entire radio industry. CYBERFM has created a prototype of an online service for the payment of author’s work with review information, which is publicly available all over the world in the ecosystem with the help of blockchain, consisting of tokens:“Cyfm” and Mainstream for the Underground-“MFTU”.

The Cyfm token is a cryptocurrency that meets regulatory standards and is suitable for registered government performers.
But MFTU is, perhaps, the first digital currency in the world, legally impartial, protecting the copyright of free creators and their payments in the whole world.

tokens correspond to ERC20 and have the ability to interact with other network tokens. Registered on Blokchejne Jefiriuma and used for development of this multifunctional system of payments, allowing to pay the authors the rotation of their creative product all over the world! Users will be able to use Cyfm and MFTU as payment for membership on Cyber Fm, registration fees and online purchases through the app.

Cyfm and MFTU are the so-called “broadcast currency” used by users on the basis of the CYBERFM platform. For example, listeners have the opportunity to win MFTU tokens in various radio contests and can acquire premium status on the platform itself. This gives you a number of additional benefits, such as the ability to skip songs, download on demand, and commercial-free streams.

CYBERFM is Not open ico notes that the tokens themselves do not affect the company’s success or profit in any way. ICO for them is not supposed and not implemented on any of the company’s websites.
This contract operates under the ERC20 Standard and uses tested and tested Openzeppelin libraries.
Cyberfm not lags behind life and try to do it, then and deserve special attention.

CYBERFM Of course, for a Russian-speaking user who does not know the language, this information may seem irrelevant and uninteresting, but, nevertheless, the introduction of technologies blockchain in their activities and improve thus the quality of services-the phenomenon on This moment is not the most widespread and, moreover, on the territory of the Russian Federation. So, the study of projects like this should not be ignored and is simply necessary in order to expand your own horizons in the information space.

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