CYBR – Cyber Security Solution For the Blockchain

CYBR –¬† is a topical issue in the modern world, because most transactions are carried out on the Internet. Unfortunately, most of the existing services do not guarantee the security of their customers. In real life, you can steal a purse or bag, but it will not be as critical as the loss of a really important package of user data, as well as all savings accumulated in cryptocurrency. Because today cryptocurrency is extremely popular and relevant, many services use it as a payment instrument. At the same time, users of such resources face the problem of cybersecurity, fraudsters constantly invent new schemes that allow seizing user’s means and data. But CYBR developers have an effective, decentralized solution to the problem.

What is CYBR Ecosystem
The decentralized CYBR Ecosystem project is a global solution that allows the security of the platforms running on the blockchain. The project can be called really global because not only the CYBR Ecosystem uses these solutions. It is possible to install comprehensive protection on any modern platform. What’s special about CYBR Ecosystem? This is a huge portal that allows you to perform transactions with intellectual property in a matter of seconds, and intellectual contracts guarantee the execution of the transaction, and the security system does not allow cyber crooks to interfere in the process. Many decentralized exchangers often suffer from various external threats and attacks, but using CYBR Ecosystem technology, this issue will be solved positively for clients of such services.

How the CYBR algorithm works
The basis of this innovative technology is BlindSpot-this is an incredibly powerful mechanism that allows ensuring full security of decentralized projects. Love suspicious activity or incomprehensible user actions will be identified as quickly and qualitatively, this approach allows you to identify fraudsters at an early stage and avoid the more serious troubles associated with theft Data. Any attempt to influence confidentiality as well as the integrity and security of the intellectual contract at the time of the transaction will be noticed and stopped. Thanks to BlindSpot, developers are confident in the full success of their project and have already managed to attract the necessary number of investors to launch their decentralized solution. In the future, they expect to receive funds for development, by selling the rights to use BlindSpot, as well as tokens.

Intellectual intelligence-the future has already come
How does the CYBR platform allow you to earn your users? Everything is quite simple-a decentralized project is created to detect new hidden threats. If the user finds such a moment and points it out, protecting other clients, he receives a reward in the form of CYBR tokens. This approach allows to significantly improve the protection parameters of decentralized platforms, eliminating problems with fraudsters.

CYBR Ecosystem Portal
Today CYBR Ecosystem developers are busy with the final launch of the global portal Cybr Ecosystem, which will be available to all registered users of the community. It is here that they will be able not only to monetize their efforts but also to get access to all information on fraudulent schemes. Earning methods will really be a lot-checking suspicious link, as well as sites, providing advice on how to maximize security, exchanging tokens on mutually beneficial terms.

Mobile Capabilities
CYBR Ecosystem is a decentralized global platform that will function perfectly on mobile devices. Already at the beginning of the 2019 year, the developers plan to launch compact clients for smartphones-now access to the portal will be really easy. A person will be able to check the suspicious link at any time, get advice from the community.

The developers of CYBR Ecosystem have swung to a very high position they are going to bring the cybersecurity system to a new level and become entrenched there.

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