Cycoin – Made Easy ERC20 Blockchain for Crypto Investors

Cycoin The digital world has found its place in every stage of our lives and in a very dense way all over it. Right now, the babies are using all the technological tools and stuff from the elderly to our oldest. Thanks to the smart devices and the Internet we use almost all of our operations with these devices, even in our spare time we spend at the beginning of these devices. We devote our time to these devices with different habits such as tracking social media sites we use, reaching news sources, watching videos or playing games.

Even when feeding babies, we watch videos we open from these devices and feed the babies. With these smart devices that have entered our lives so much, our other habits and behaviors have changed. In other sectors, mainly shopping, banking and financial sectors, trading in the digital environment has developed themselves so that we can do all our operations without being in the store or the bank right now.

We can safely process in environments where we believe that our digital assets and personal information are secured in a digital environment without borders. Blockchain technology, which provides this trust to us and we think will be one of the biggest technologies in the future, is the best. Currently offering solutions to almost all sectors with its applications, this technology gives us great advantages. We can sort these advantages like high security, full transparency, lack of centralized, fast and agentless.

The digital assets of the projects developed on the Blockchain platform offer different alternatives to the investment sector in the cryptocurrencies. Although the crypto money market has a history of ten years, it has become very popular especially for the past two years. Although the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life is very limited, digital media is being traded and market value is continuously evolving. Considering that the new projects will contribute to the growth of this market if these projects are not a real project or a fake project and a roadmap, it is followed by the opportunity to invest in real projects to help provide I want to talk to you about a new project.

Cycoin is an asset-assisted platform that is supported by investors ‘ cryptocurrency investments in the cryptocurrencies. Cycoin This platform will provide an arbitrage opportunity with high-value crypto coins as well as margin lending movements. In addition, each participant will have the right to vote on this issue, including the cryptocurrency pool, where the crypto would have a say about the money. It will also evaluate the newly released Ico and make proposals to allocate funds for the projects to be invested in other projects.

Like our financial assets, which are now managed by a portfolio manager, Cycoin aims to increase their investors ‘ earnings by serving as an investment consultant that manages and directs our crypto assets. In line with this goal, it will help the development of the market by playing an effective role in the inclusion of new investors into this market. Again, it aims to protect its investors by minimizing the risks and uncertainty in the market.

Margin credit;
Cycoin  For the first month, the platform initially uses 100 percent of the fund. Then, the minimum 50% of the funds and 80 percent are converted into digital currencies and deposited in various exchanges for traders trading on these exchanges. In the end, margin credit will earn interest. Interest in margin loans varies by currency and inequality of supply and demand.

Opportunity Arbitrage;
The Platform will give you an opportunity to earn arbitrage profits of up to 30 percent of the funds. Since the cryptocurrency exchanges are not interconnected, an asset may have different prices on various exchanges. Cycoin provides you with the opportunity to assess the differences and, if possible, buy at a lower price on an exchange and make a higher sale on another stock exchange.

TOKEN and Ico Info:
Token Name: Cycoin
Token symbol: Ccy
Token Standard: ERC20
Token Price: 1 ccy = 2 USD
Total supply: 50 million ccy
Front Ico Hard Cap: 200,000 USD
Hard Cap: 50 million USD
Accepted payment method: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC
KYC: Yes

Cycoin This project, which we think will contribute directly to the development of the crypto money market, the decision to participate in the ongoing Ico, by examining the links below, you can take more detailed information and give your own decision and the ongoing 25% bonus Can you benefit.

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