DAEX – The World’s Most Reliable Clearing Ecosystem

DAEX  – The Global Fund is the creator of Daex (Exchange Kriptoaktivami), an open and distributed clearing site for the exchange of cryptocurrency. The purpose of this project is to ease the burden of centralized exchanges by providing them with personal data authentication, asset registration, clearing, and asset calculation services. Centralized exchanges, which are part of the infrastructure, will continue to monitor agreed on transactions, although the aforementioned services will be provided DAEX using distributed registry technology and smart contracts. Thanks to a wide range of products the platform will bring several advantages to all participants (exchanges and traders).

The DAEX clearing chain, also known as Blockchain Daex, will be the main product on the site. The clearing chain will serve as a means of storing transaction data for several types of digital assets. It will also have a cross-Chejnov structure that supports connections to the identity chain and the calculation chain. The identity chain is a separate blockchain that will act as a distributed identity center that deals with the registration, authentication, and management of user identities. This allows you to perform identification and authentication processes in a secure and secure environment. The calculation chain is another separate blockchain that will be connected to the asset registration and calculation Center. The main purpose of this center is to facilitate and make more reliable the process of registration of digital assets, as well as to display the mentioned assets in the clearing chain. DAEX Purse (available for both enterprise and User level customers) is a multi-active purse that will work with a multi-segment private key mechanism.

Another part of the DAEX platform is the DAEX fund, which includes several institutional investors as well as the Global Fund for DAEX. Useful planning funds to support investment in methods of Exchange, purses, cross-network and create solutions and make the asset management while paving the way for an * ‘s and greater compliance with the industry. experience in terms of investments in blockchain exchanges and purses.

The team of Global Daex Foundation is composed of several experts in both the financial and “blockchain” technologies. The Chairman, Mr. Benjamin Gu, has many years of experience in managing financial services companies as well as in software companies. Mr. Jason Tang, the co-founder, has extensive experience in creating Blokchejnami-related applications for national banks in mainland China.

The activity of the DAEX community mainly takes place in WeChat (a Chinese messaging application that is widely used in mainland China). There are more than 15,000 users in several groups Daex WeChat and more than 12,000 users in the group Telegram in Chinese. For the speaking community, there is an official account in which there are more than 11 thousand subscribers.

As for roadmap-A and the upcoming DAEX plans, the test network should be launched in the fourth quarter of 2018, and the main network should be ready in the second quarter of 2019. The technical whitepaper will be released in several versions during the year 2018. The following are the dates and topics of the planned events that will be presented in each version

Q2 2018: General design of the clearing platform, including the consensus mechanism of the Aspos
Q3 2018: Clearing factor of Value (CVF) and solutions for purses based on the reliable computing environment
Q4 2018: Daex Fund report, Token plan (clearing as mining), deployment model and node management

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Website: https://daex.io
Whitepaper : https://www.daex.io/daexPaper.do
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2910479.0
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Medium: https://medium.com/daex
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