DAOstack An Operating System for Collective Intelligence

DAOstack is an operating system for a new type of organization. DAO. A decentralized government has dreamed of the best minds in the space blockchain. But while there is a promise, it remains an abstract idea. One major failure point is there is not a strong framework for decentralized governance blockchain. ARC, foundation piles of DAO, was an open and universal framework for contract management for distributed and intelligent management of the collective value of blockchains. Same as HTTP allows creation and interoperability of Web sites and Web applications, DAOstack allows the creation of corporate web, interoperability and collaborative applications and DAO and allows the alignment of interests. As a result, the community has created a new open collaboration network that can go beyond pure economic growth and manage himself around shared goals and values.

Ability to organize and coordinate a large number of individuals is one of the greatest strengths (and drivers) community, which has gone through constant evolution for thousands of years. In this chapter, we describe the challenges of the legacy organization today, and new organizational forms are possible: DAO DAO.
The Organization’s Legacy
Cooperation agencies increase their efficiency with respect to external competitors market forces. This is the origin of basic corporate and organizational reasons like to grow. However, the coordination of a large number of 3 agents are difficult and expensive, and that’s why the Organization could not grow without limit.

The arc is an evolutionary framework for the governance of the measured
ARC supports the ADAPTIVE element of governance that is infinite in number. The library and its global constraint schema will evolve along with the growth of DAOstack ecosystem, with the development of new modules and templates and added by open source development communities and third parties.

Each DAO governance structure made from small building blocks-the governance module or elements that can be easily added, edited, deleted or combined. The module does not need to be moved to the blockchain, but only referred to, save storage and operating costs and increase security.

Governance structure each DAO can be upgraded easily to use schemes and new barriers, or parameters that differ from the existing ones. More detail, every DAO are made through the Arc comes with a set of specific rules, which by default includes the rules for changing rules.

DAOstack runs on GENE
GENE was the original platform token DAOstack. Basic operations in DAOstack ecosystems-such as promoting proposal-will require spending on GENES or GENE. storage will be distributed to the contributor’s value through the framework of the DAOstack itself, giving incentive development, promotion, and adoption

The project team consists of two people, one of them is Jordan Greenhall, a co-founder and former CEO of DivX, which has also been involved in the development of the technology behind Backfeed. Field). Overall, the team seems to have a lot of experience in business development and software.
The project DAOstack has a talented team with a variety of skills. The interesting thing about the team is that while DAOstack their experience has a more quantitative quality; Not everyone on the team has been working on the technology of blockchain, but they are experienced enough in it. Every team member has the educational background and an impressive career record, teams mentoring has a rich business development experience but only one of them who has experience with blockchain technology. The development team is also working on the DAOstack project, the Telegram also has a presence on Twitter and GitHub, however, they have only 518 followers on Twitter.
DAOstack approach to providing a framework for the governance of DAO is quite comprehensive, one of the main objectives of this project is to make the process as simple as possible through the use of DAO framework of their Arc. This will allow DAOstack to function in the same way as WordPress. Users will be able to access the template and modules that are uploaded by the developer and then integrate it with DAO them through interactive DApp which will allow anyone to enjoy the functionality provided by DAOstack. level without having to worry about technical features.
Model DAOstack token is also promising, and value evaluation of GENES will be guaranteed by the mechanisms of imitation that are used to start the DAO and during the voting. Project management to provide comprehensive economic incentive would encourage more people to contribute to this open source, community-based ecosystem. One thing to worry about is that the DAOstack will generate the DAO in the Ethereal blockchain, it does not have blockchain themselves and this can lead to ineffective if blockhead starting to become overloaded.
The other thing that promises about DAOstack is that it is available in the ETH Testnet, which means that the project is growing and approaching a State that will be used.
In General, the project DAOstack it seems solid enough, the technology that drives the entire solution is thoroughly thought out and supported by a strong economic model that will encourage active engagement within the ecosystem. . The only problem with this project is that the omnipresence not strong due to the fact that the sale of tokens is less than one month.

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