Darico Ecosystem Gives DEC Holders a Privileged Place in The Crypto Community

DARICO The world of cryptography is growing rapidly because people are increasingly interested in Kryptowalutami. More and more projects are being launched, and more and more currencies are sold and sold daily, with more wallets (from 2017, it is estimated that from 5.8 million to 11.5 million “active ” portfolios) is created and downloaded daily by people, and Both new and mature investors profit or lose each day. But that does not mean that the crypt world has no problems. So what’s the problem? The Problem is that every minute there is an overwhelming cascade of information every day, which makes it difficult for a new and older investor to choose which one is real and who they trust. There is, therefore, a need to develop a tool that can be used to gain access to trusted information sources. It is a tool that DARICO tries to develop.

As a company founded in Zug in Switzerland as Darico AG, which has already acquired more than 2 million dollars in financing against ICO, Darico is more than just an idea. The idea behind Darico is to continuously study and analyze the landscape of cryptography to ensure that its users receive the best results. Darico builds an ecosystem in which cryptographic investors will be able to develop. With Darico Coins (DRC), investors will be able to access a wide range of applications and services to ensure the security, liquidity, and information needed to invest in cryptocurrencies with the peace of mind of having All the tools you need at your fingertips.

Darico Coin is a tool token that is specifically designed to give power to its owners, providing them with professional and user-friendly investment tools that enable them to make informed decisions Mining for other purposes to achieve profit after the investment has been completed. Darico Coin is your ticket to the Darico ecosystem. This gives holders exclusive access to the tools needed for a profitable investment in cryptocurrencies. With Darico Coin you get exclusive access to the entire Darico ecosystem, including portfolio, terminal, liquidity Pool, index fund, debit card, exchange and various professional services.

DARICO Ecosystem Features
You can use the Darico wallet to track coins by adding them to your watch list. What’s more, you can also integrate their current BTC and ETH portfolios to stay on top of your investment.
The ecosystem also has a safe and easy-to-access exchange where you can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies. On this stock exchange, buyers will be matched to sellers to make everything easier for investors.
With this feature, many crypt-passionate enthusiasts will be gathered to interact with each other.
Index Fund
This feature will include a diversified portfolio of highly liquid mining that will be monitored, analyzed and Reloaded weekly. The Darico Index fund will help ensure that the Darico portfolio remains liquid and profitable.
Debit Card
This feature will allow holders to easily have their DRC coins with them at all times. Your Darico debit card connects to your Darico wallet, giving you instant access to DRC coins for daily cryptographic transactions.
Liquidity Pool
This feature is fully adjustable and allows the involvement of larger investors. The liquidity pool ensures the stability of the entire Darico ecosystem while acting as a liquidity pool for new Darico products.

About TOKEN and ICO distribution
Total Darico Coin circulation will be limited to 240 million, and 25%, or 60 million, will be made available during ICO. The remaining coins will be mined for 18 years in a process that is reduced by half every four years, similar to bitcoin. The daily issuance of new coins will be shared between the holders of the DRX Genesis account and will be issued according to the number of accounts held. The right to receive the newly issued coins will be transferred along with the original investor coins.
During the main ICO, 25% (60 million Darico) will be made available to the public, and 7.5% of the coins will be allocated to support the project. Coins that are not purchased before the end of the exercise will be destroyed.


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