Datareum Decentralized Marketplace That Will Enable Individuals to Monetize Their Personal Data

Datareum – Decentralized online survey market built on the architectural blocks have the potential to solve the above issue by providing access to peer-to-peer secure between applicants data and data providers. The market must contain all the required incentive mechanism to ensure proliferating. We have explained this in our white book and will soon post the summary on this blog.

What is a Datareum?
This is a decentralized market data and high-quality. Data providers earn token DTN for data transmission. Buyers-pay DTN to use this data. Decentralized ensuring the uniqueness and the uniqueness of the data can never be deleted or duplicated. Outline a more detailed project activities can be found on the website of the project.

How does Datareum platform?
To provide high-quality data, the verification has been made. If the channel checking them in terms of quality, they reach the market data and suppliers are rewarded with tokens. Then, the data entered into the market data, where interested parties can buy it with the right price. First customer purchase data from the database and after using it-he can sell it back to the platform. It primarily is a decentralized database of the innovation-the owner is a single entity. Sales data back from A customer can be purchased by the client b. part of funds from data sold is transferred to the Fund database to continue to develop it. More specifically, the workings of the platform can be seen in the white paper project.

Take control of your data
Monetize your information
Free up only what you want
Make money completing the survey
Earn residual income on your data

Create a special survey
Reduce costs by eliminating the middleman
Return your results in the market Datareum
Fund research customers by selling your products directly to your customers

Datareum platform provides a market for high-quality data. Data providers continue to acquire DTN data because they provide will be sold again. Data of applicants pay for the adjusted data, which can be resold for profit. Thanks to decentralized market Datareum, everyone will be able to monetize their data, sell directly to the market researchers, academic researchers, and other interested parties.

Request token DTN required for the manufacture of liquid markets. This market is the market data and market goods and services. The crowd will be audited sales double with all tokens stored in escrow and returned to the buyer if the soft CAP is not reached. Pre-ICO began on April 28, 2018, 12 noon UTC

– Nov 2017 ~ Concept Research and Development
– Mar 2018 ~ Completion of Alfa Surveys System
– Apr 2018 ~ DTN Pre-Sales
– May 2018 ~ General sales whitelist
– Jun 2018 ~ DTN General sales
– July 2018 ~ Token origin after KYC
– August 2018 ~ Tokens Listed on Exchange
– Q4 2018 ~ Settlement of Smart Contract payments and
– Q4 2018 ~ Wallet system
– Q1 2019 ~ Launch of Provider and Requester web portal
– Q1 2019 ~ Launch of iOS and Android apps both providers and applicants
– Q3 2019 ~ Combine joint and strategic investments to support
growth and growth of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Fintech globally.
– Q4 2019 ~ Launch of Marketplace Data
– Q1 2020 ~ The e-commerce platform to create a list of products from the requester, must be paid at DTN
– Q2 2020 ~ Launch marketing campaigns in Europe and the United States
– Q3 2020 ~ Launch Marketing campaign in Asia


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