DATP – Conduct Transactions Using Third Parties With P2P Smart Contract based Ethereum

DATP is the trading platform that is built to perform transactions using a third party with ERC-20 that use Token DATP as transaction costs. Do transactions quickly, be the latest innovation and exchange transactions safely with the seller or buyer of the intended recipients without having to swap with the costs of withdrawal.

Use the Token DATP as transaction costs.
Token DATP as payment for transactions ERC-20 third-party instant. Allows users to conduct transactions safely and comfortable using the system on our platform. DATP is a project platform using the ERC20 platform with the purpose of third party transactions using ERC-20. The main technical advantages of this platform are the cross-chain Protocol and the Ethereum. A cross-chain protocol using smart contracts are applied on the token Ethereum and DATP. Second blockchains provide two levels of accounting systems and the transfer of assets. Instant and cheap deals driven by token DATP.

While a third Intermediary System has a clear advantage over Exchange in security controls, ease of transfer funds & lists the token directly, and lower costs, priority DATP actually to resolve the existing payment methods using ERC-20/DATP as third-party payment Token.

Booking errors, trade wrong, and wrong click is an intermediate third advantage at this time. While a third Intermediary real inherently have different performance characteristics than a centralized Exchange, we believe this issue can be addressed by an intermediate system third DATP is well designed. DATP will allow the charging part of the quote, the automatic repetition of the failed orders, and orders in one transaction.

Because security is as good as DATP security smart contracts, to maximize the security of smart contracts. We did our KYC on the platform before committing the transaction.
With the latest innovations in third-party exchanges. We hope to address the problem of liquidity Exchange/low volume by using the Token ERC-20/DATP through strong credibility, market presence and sophisticated platform for ease of use, user experience even more preferred DATP for a centralized Exchange.

The main objective of this project is to develop a Token DATP as third-party payment tools instantly, reducing the risks associated with cryptocurrency, increase the security and profitability of investment and create digital assets incentives for the investors of the project.

To meet this goal, we set this goal:
● Develop storage assets and transfer mechanism of decentralization that is built on top of the Ethereum Asset trading platforms, Decentralized, smart contracts, cross-chain of prophecies and prophetic service;
● Increase the security of the transaction between users who use an intermediary third party transactions
● Develop DATP Token wallet integrated multi-currency and tool acquisition, transfer, and currency exchange P2P;
● Develop an open flame and release the SDK for developers of 3d party.
● Use the Token DATP as third-party payment network in the Ethereum.

DATP To invite more potential investors, we develop management platform as intermediaries for transactions of third parties. Use our own Token as transaction costs, for the exchange of third parties to be Token DATP, direct purchase, and currency exchange crypto, portfolio managers, and more. Platform accompanied by a third intermediate System will offer the user experience features works that will help generate profit in the fluctuation of the exchange rates of various currencies simultaneously.

All accounts in our Platform that can perform a transaction is simply the account has been verified with KYC applicable standards. This is a step to improve security between users in order to be comfortable dealing with.

To minimize the occurrence of SCAM in the transaction, the first step is that we have been saving the user data of the KYC they do while verifying your account, these data can be used as a material for investigation with the user concerned.

Portfolio Manager will assist users in maintaining a highly profitable portfolio of crypto, provide information on current market conditions, providing advice on the optimal composition and automatically optimize the portfolio.

DATP token generated from ICO will trade on an Exchange that is willing to give, and of course on our own platform. Every holder of a Token DATP involved with successful exchanges, which will create a natural viral impact as more people buy, sell, or hold.

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Whitepaper : https://datp.market/whitepaper.pdf
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