Dealjoy Connects Online Shoppers With Their Favorite Merchants

Dealjoy – We all love to buy online. And such people are becoming more and more. Dealjoy-is a global platform cashback, the main purpose of which is confidentiality. The project is intended for Internet-buyers. Today, the global online shopping industry requires a robust private cashback platform to offer competitive cash rates to its audiences without compromising the privacy of users. Technology is rapidly evolving today. There are already global and anonymous micropayments, which became possible due to the development and implementation of cryptocurrency. Thanks to the blockchain technology and the standardized ERC-20 token called DEAL, Cashback will be used privately, globally and instantaneously. Anonymous instant payments and the opportunity for customers to remain completely confidential, all this represents a new standard in the partner industry.

Existing platforms use bank transfers, paper cheques, and online payment processors such as PayPal to pay for their customers. These payment methods are not private, and include various fees such as reducing the cashback Commission and invading the privacy of users.

Another problem, from the user’s point of view, is the delay between the purchase of goods and the receipt of the Commission. Existing platforms may take up to three months to receive an actual money back. It’s a long wait, and far
From the ideal for the client. Today consumers want faster payouts, more convenient cashback platforms and modern payment methods.

Dealjoy transactions are paid almost instantaneously and without a minimum threshold. Users can withdraw their earned DEAL tokens to their wallets at any time. Due to the blockchain-based ecosystem, no personally identifiable personal information is required from the user. Personal data protection is a top priority for developers.

The project will offer an all-in-one toolbar to explore and find the best and most interesting cashback offers. Dealjoy can be downloaded through the app for Android and IOS.All purchases made by users will be automatically and the Commission will be paid in the DEAL tokens.

Affiliate commissions will be paid only for those orders that have not been returned to the seller for damage on delivery, etc. The time for the partners to approve and pay the Commission is four weeks from the date of purchase. Dealjoy will be able to identify purchases that are eligible for payments immediately after the transaction.

The team also created an alternative approach for users who want to receive cash immediately after purchases. The solution is called Dealjoy Plus.

Dealjoy Plus is a new solution for attracting new members and providing them with significant benefits. Premium membership has three main advantages: higher money back rates, instant cashback on all orders and access to dealfeed premium deals. Instant money for Dealjoy Plusmembers is possible due to the bet made by the user with the DEAL. When returning the item, the paid tokens will be automatically deducted from the user’s balance. If the user has already withdrawn or used all of their tokens, the tokens will be deducted from the membership pledge.

Dealjoy will hold a maximum of 20% of revenue from partner networks to pay for common business and platform costs, as well as for long-term marketing, development, and burning of tokens. The rest at least 80% of the purchased funds will be paid to users for their acceptable purchases. As the payouts to the participants are made in the Deal tokens, Dealjoy will constantly buy tokens from external exchanges.

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