Decentralized Anonymous Secured Transparent

AFROCHAIN  – is the first blockchain for Africa. This is the first step towards building a free economy for all, giving strength in the hands of the African and African diaspora. It is necessary to build an entire ecosystem to block the Afro-chain. Afro-chain original money is called an Afro-chain token (AFR), an Afro-chain token suitable for African market use in accordance with its vision of providing access to financial services to everyone. Users will be able to own their own project on the Afro-chain Mineta. The afro-chain ecosystem will allow users access to education, payments, exchange, trade and investment and much more.

Here to write a review of the article on the prospective project. The project has no analogs and will be in great demand among investors. I put the project solid 5 for the idea and investment potential.
Meet the first blockchain to create a free African economy: afrochain more than 40% of remittances are designed for specific purposes such as food, clothing, medicine, school fees or utility bills. The new African-Keytoken (AFR) will allow senders to purchase digital vouchers (afrogifts) that can be delivered to millions of recipients worldwide instantly via SMS or email. The service will significantly reduce the cost of transmission by giving the recipient the appropriate value according to the recipe. Traders will be able to accept ETS based on cryptocurrency and exchange them with traditional (Fiat) currencies. The Afrochain token solution (AFR) will allow traders and customers to participate in globally distributed trading with General Trust.

Afrochain-the first block-chain for Africa. The entire ecosystem should be built on the Afrochain blockchain. AFROCHAIN  The national Afrochain coin, called the “Afro-Cayman Token” (AFR), is suitable for use in the African market in accordance with its vision to provide access to financial services for all. The Afrochain ecosystem will allow users to have access to education, payments, exchange, trade, and investment, etc. About 250 million immigrants worldwide annually send more than 600 billion dollars to support their friends and family, money transfer is an important source of funding for many people and families around the world.

● Decentralized:
Servers are decentralized and distributed to different servers connected to the same network.
● Anonymous:
This guarantees your privacy rights regarding the legitimate whims of future administrations and makes identity theft virtually impossible.
● Provided:
This ensures that no one, including the public authorities, can unilaterally transfer their funds.

Afrochain Tag Name
AFR symbol
Maximum number of 75 000 000 AFR
General offer 26 250 000 AFR (Private Sale & Public ICO)
Hardcap $5 625 000
Sof cap $1 875 000
Exchange rate 1 AFR = $0.1 (Private sale)
Target price December/$2018 10/AFR
ERC20 Project Protocol Ethereum Platform

Afrochain distribution
Available for private sale: 7 500 000 AFR
ICO bidding: 18 50 000 AFR
undistributed for Team & Developer: 11 250 000 AFR (blocked)
Reserved for future development: 18 750 000 AFR
Reserved for marketing Awards: 18 750 000 AFR
Shared token available: 75 000 000 AFR


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