DECOIN – Blockchain-Based Exchange & Trading Platform with Redistributed Revenues to Coin holders

Decoin is the newest service for Exchange operations using blockchain technology. Each user gets the benefits of the cryptocurrency he uses. The objectives of the developed platform are quite simple: to create innovative service of a new generation which will allow everyone to receive necessary volumes of Fiat means.

What problems does Decoin solve?
Blockchain-platform solves the main difficulties, which in varying degrees affect the cryptocurrency:
1. The high income of major cryptocurrency exchanges is, therefore, a large gap in the distribution of wealth. Most of the funds are held by the main players.
2. Low safety sites. Every day there are burglaries and theft of personal data as well as digital means of users.
3. Difficulties in buying/selling with the help of cryptocurrency. It is often impossible to purchase goods and services.
So far, not a single service has failed to solve all 100% of these problems, but the chances of Decoin have, and quite decent.

How Decoin Works
Developers have created a single system that allows users to conveniently and without wasting time to allocate funds. The basis is the POS algorithm, it works for each cryptocurrency holder. Each user can store their savings in a virtual purse. Interest rate = 6.2%. Also, the increase in profit depends on how many cryptocurrencies you store on the service. Decoin The team has ideas for creating maps, each type of which depends on the investment in the project.

ICO Terms
Within the framework of the ICO program will be implemented 60% of the total number of tokens in circulation. The purchase of tokens is available only to registered users.

Token name: Dtep
Pre-ICO: Start-23.04.2018, End-11.06.2018.
Price for Pre-ICO: 1 dtep for the price $0.9
Pre-ICO Bonus: 50%
Total number of tokens to sell: 42 million
Accepts currency: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft Cap: $4 million
Hard Cap: $30 million

Token distribution: 23%-License and official registration of the site.
20%-advertising companies and marketing needs
20%-Training and recruitment
17%-fund to maintain liquidity in emergency situations
15%-research and study of new technologies
5%-transaction costs

Advantages of Decoin
The main advantage is the availability of the site. Even though the market is falling, volumes are only garnered on the stock exchange. The service shares all profits with the cryptocurrency holder. Multi-level authentication will allow users to store their funds without fear for their security. Customer service is also one of the advantages, as the team speaks in most languages of the world, which will allow you to communicate and answer questions without much problems.

Road Map
• Birth of Decoin
Development of Decoin by consensus algorithm POS with interest rate 6.2% P. A
• Creation of an online customer support service

Create 10 global offices as multilingual support and marketing that will help and support the owners of Decoin and new users Decoin

Private sale
• Initial offer of coins (ICO), beginning marketing and promotions for early bird investors

• Exchange Platform Beta (D-TEP)

Launch of beta testing for our own stock exchange platform
• Pre-ico stage and ICO stage
• Prepare all necessary materials and information
• Continue to strengthen the Advisory group
• Continue to develop our technology
• ICO shutdown
• Addition of Decoin on several exchanges

List of Decoin on some of the largest trading and stock markets under the ticker dtep
• Start of the purse + start of distribution Decoins

Launch of mobile wallets Decoin for Android and IOS/LINUX/MAC OS/
Windows-Secure online wallet and start distribution decoins from

Decoin ICO Dashboard for Decoin Wallet.

• Running the Exchange platform (D-TEP)

Launching our own profit sharing
• Launch of the trading platform (D-TEP)

Launch of our own trading platform for profit trading

• Running the decentralized Exchange platform
Launch of our own decentralized stock exchange
2019-soon to be announced.

The cryptographic market has long been in place and is constantly evolving, brings something new to our world. The importance of blockchain-technologies is visible to the naked eye, what will happen next? Already today users need a platform to exchange cryptocurrency, but often it turns into a problem. Decoin More often than not, people simply cannot exchange tokens for other types of digital money.
The project gives me great hope for solving the main problems of cryptocurrency exchanges. Also, the bonus of pre-sale in the amount of 50% cannot be pleased. Although the business plan of the project is not fully developed, it is compensated by the team, as well as the expertise of financial instruments. In my opinion, the combination of advantages makes the service at least interesting. I’m sure the chances of success of the playground are!

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