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DECOIN – New Internet technologies have contributed to the development of the cryptographic market.  It is no secret that we are on the verge of big changes that take place in the world of information technologies. With the advent of blockchain technologies, huge financial resources from all over the world are pouring into this sphere.  Each of them is introduced to simplify the lives of millions of people. Today the popularity of such projects continues to grow, as well as the sums of investments. Despite the rapid development of this segment, users often encounter problems when exchanging cryptocurrency to other types of digital money or fiat funds. Decoin will become a completely new, decentralized trading platform that will allow you to perform all necessary transactions without hindrance. 
 Decoin is a platform for exchanging and exchanging cryptocurrencies based on the blockchain, which will distribute any benefits provided to its token holders. The platform will use secure technologies that combine the use of cryptocurrency to make full use of the potential to harmonize decentralized blockchain technology. As a result, Decoin will create a worldwide exchange platform that would increase interest in the implementation of cryptocurrency through the income distribution system.

Objectives of the Decoin project
The new generation trading platform is the main goal of an experienced development team. Decoin will allow users to easily exchange cryptocurrency, receive the required amounts of fiat funds.
The functionality of Decoin can be considered separately:
 A unique platform that allows you to exchange cryptocurrency, and users do not have to face huge commissions;
 The internal currency of the DEPT project allows you to quickly and securely perform any required transactions.
 Users ‘ funds will be securely protected by intellectual contracts;
 Social trade. In this case, novice traders will have a unique opportunity to perform the actions of more experienced colleagues. This approach allows you to get the necessary skills for further work with cryptocurrency.

Decoin Company is going to intelligently redistribute its profits among the holders of tokens, thus stimulating them for further work in the project. Users will be able to use the internal currency of Decoin to get a substantial discount when paying the commission. The Decoin exchange is the most secure – it uses an innovative solution in user authentication, which allows to protect them from fraudulent schemes. 
How will it work?
As a platform for income distribution, Decoin will build a reliable system that provides a smooth and convenient distribution of benefits. The technology behind this is a consensual POS algorithm that will work for all coin holders. Users can use pegs or coins decoin in the supplied electronic purse with an annual interest rate of 6.2%. In addition, the profit rate will depend on the number of decoins owned by users, which means more tokens, the higher your profit.

In the future, developers want to create special plastic cards that will help to use cryptocurrency to make various purchases. The type of card will depend directly on the investment in the project. 

Credit card D-TEP:
The main problem faced by all owners of digital coins and traders is how to apply their cryptocurrency, how to use it for daily expenses. Cryptocurrency, in contrast to the usual fiat of money, today there are still many obstacles that need to be overcome to use the crypt in everyday life. Credit card D-TEP, which specifically includes user’s wallet accounts. The map is multi – it supports cryptocurrency and fiat currency. D-TEP credit card will help to save time and adapt the process of cryptocurrency implementation into everyday life. Decoin is the first company to develop sophisticated wallets that allow you to spend your digital currency whenever you want and wherever you are. Decoin provides five types of credit cards with different advantages depending on the amount of investment in decoin coins.

Tools that Decoin offers
Here you can also identify several effective solutions:
 maximally fast execution of intellectual contracts, for this purpose the innovative technology oversees every deal is used;
 Novice users will be able to enjoy all the pleasures of social trading-this is a great opportunity to get the necessary experience. Professional traders open access to their transactions and novice users can repeat them;
 Maximum scalability – Decoin platform is incredibly powerful, it allows to perform a huge number of transactions every second.
Token key Details
Name: Dtep
Platform: Algo
Type: Coin
Pre ICO: 1 dtep = 0.9 USD
Seila Bonus: 50%
Tokens total for sale: 42 million
Accepts: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft Cap: 4 million USD
Hard Cap: 30 million USD
The project has a strong and highly qualified team, which in my opinion is able to bring the project to the highest level in the shortest possible time and I hope they will succeed. The team consists of large specialists from different industries having many years of experience.
Executive Director Shay Perry founder and technical director of Nadav Moshe
Commercial Director Yuval Cherbis
Chief Operating Officer Michael Kogan
Developer Blockchain Taha Sheikh
The team of experienced managers has at least 10 years of experience in marketing and sales of financial instruments
Advisor on world-class cryptography and top-rating of ICO advisor Vladimir Nikitin, as well as advisers-Didi Taihuttu, Sydney Ifergan.
Decoin offices are based in Europe, including London, Great Britain, and Bulgaria. 

The mission to become one of the leading exchange platforms of cryptocurrencies in the world, Decoin seems to have an unfounded dream. As a rule, business is available only due to profit distribution options. Besides, they don’t offer much. However, many of the interesting questions do not guarantee whether they will work. The most significant drawback of decoin is that it does not provide the way they expect to ensure the growth of their D-TEP tokens. Explaining the process of profitability, the main question is whether they can get their tokens to generate profitable profits for investors. Orgovaja platform Decoin will be a unique solution-experienced trader will get a whole set of tools to work with cryptocurrency, and newcomers of this segment will be able to take the invaluable experience of more literate colleagues. Today, the developers are trying to find new investors to continue the development of Decoin.  For those who choose the project for investment, pay attention to Decoin, a very worthy candidate: excellent and necessary idea, professional team, well-known advisors, just excellent ratings on all independent venues.  It’s up to you to participate in the ICO Decoin or to stay away. But the project is really unusual and attractive for investors!

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