DEEP AERO AI Driven Drone Economy On the Blockchain

DEEP AERO is a platform that uses the technology of Al and blocks the chain to build the economy of the autonomous drones which affect urban transport system by bringing the flight request and delivery cargo very quickly so that the evolution of the drones have exceeded the military use which it faces, it has become a business tool that is very powerful and strong.
The company is building the economy of an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle, powered by an AI & Blockchain. Developers will really change the city’s transportation system, making delivery flights and cargo is very simple and convenient.
This platform has a decentralized traffic management, intelligent, independent. Flight plan meets all regulatory requirements based on AI-based intelligence rules the airspace for space friendly for the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. Active or planned flight can adapt to the changing conditions of airspace, including wind, visibility, and temperature, for optimal performance.
This project is called DEEP AERO. The main purpose of this platform is to enter a new level of delivery of various goods and goods. Do they are going with the help of drones that will work on the basis of Artificial and Blockchain?
DEEP AERO developers plan to create an intelligent, decentralized, self-contained, stand-alone traffic management platform based on blockchain technology.
Products to be created
1. Decentralized Intelligent Platform
2. Passenger and cargo drones.
3. The decentralized market for products and services.
Areas in which DEEP AERO will operate:
 Aerial
 Delivery of parcels
 Air transport
 Photos and film
 Assistance in extinguishing forest fires
 Traffic monitoring
 Maintenance of sewage pipes and wiring
Maintenance of windmills
 Wildlife protection

Road Map:
Let’s look at the Deep aero token model: DEEP Aero Pre-ico Crowd sale DEEP Aero Pre-ico Crowd sale will be valid from March 30, 2018, until April 15, 2018. Hard cap is limited to 10000 ETH. All contributions will be accepted in the ET and there is also a bonus program on pre-ICO: Deposit over 100 eth = 35% deposit bonus from 1 to 100 ETH = 30% deposit bonus less than 10 ETH = 25% bonus, but the Deep Aero project also voiced some extra bonus for all those and Nvestorov who would like to take this very ordinary opportunity. There is a referral code that you can use to register on the official DEEP AERO site for the pre-ICO & Main ICO, and you will receive an additional bonus from your investment. This extra bonus will be randomized and you’ll probably get an additional 5 – 10% bonus on your tokens. Use this code when running KYC and you will receive your bonus tokens immediately.

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