DEEP AERO Decentralized market place for Drone related products and services

DEEP AERO Drone is an air vehicle that has various forms, such as airplanes, helicopters or others, operated without the use of a crew or pilot, uses remote control, and the GPS system (Global System of Detection Location) is a satellite navigation system for demonstrating the position of an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Some drone features:
Make a video or a photograph of a height
Used as an object for delivery of goods
Used in the process of creating a film for shooting using a camera from a height.
Military unmanned aerial vehicles or drones used by public authorities are commonly used for intelligence activities.
Drones can also be used to monitor areas that are considered dangerous.
Some government agencies use unmanned aerial vehicles for air mapping.
Drones can also be used for research purposes such as wind direction control
and a lot more.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are becoming increasingly popular, many companies see the future in the UAV industry. But there are some laws and regulations that need to be addressed before buying and exploiting unmanned aerial vehicles.

Drone Registration
When and where you have to fly
Where unmanned aerial vehicles are not allowed
Avoid collision
Rules of Photography

To date, 4100 users of unmanned aircraft have been registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).
Deep Aero-cutting buildings, decentralized, AI-based technology solutions on a blockchain for the drone economy

Deep Aero is an air traffic control (ATM) alignment structure, and Drone/traffic UAS (UTM) creates standalone, entertaining, self-help, intelligent drone/UAS platforms that will allow you to recover unmanned and Unmanned aerial vehicles in common airspace. Aero-passengers and cargo unmanned aerial vehicles will become a full-fledged urban transport system, ensuring delivery of flight demand and cargo transportation at the fingertips.

Deer Aero, created on the basis of Déep aéro. creates an autonomous system that can be used artificially and built on a blockchain. The goal is to fully manage urban transport by offering them delivery and delivery of Sari.

Basically, deer Aero had to create Uber for drones, while any other traffic or whatever. This should be built on Blaskhhinin and AI. To this end, Deep Aero will launch major products and technologies, including an unmanned system monitoring platform, a market for other services and services, and a park for earlier and more convenient traffic.

How does Deep aéro work?
Deep Aero is committed to selling products, including:

Unique Aircraft self-service
Deer Aero ™ Unmanned monitoring of the air traffic control system, or UTM, will become a seamless, intelligent, Samoosoznajushhim, which can perform many important tasks.

In the future, there would be millions or even billions of dollars in these games. We will need the management of Traffic, which may be occupied by the leadership of unmanned aerial vehicles, even if they build, decide, determine situations and other factors. Much can be continued, and it can be the basis for detection on the radar. Deer Aero should be the best of them.

This system will be supplied with the following features:
Deerchain UAS (DCU) Registralnaja system:
This will be a registration system that provides a unique opportunity to use unmanned aircraft, pilots, and nuts.
Keep chain UAS (DCU) Identification:
An incredible solution will be used to identify and provide authorized UTM messages about the registration of unique air systems, aircraft, and nuts.
Deerchain UAS (DCU) Information score:
This means that it will use a blockchain to identify situational problems, timely provision of information and information on air transport, weather information, information, information, information on unforeseen Circumstances and priority flight to the bass.
Deep (DU) Flight Planner evaluation:
This should be a scheduled flight planner, which, like all unmanned aerial vehicles, must be created, modified, restored and allowed to be used in Deer Aér ® UTM.
Deepuas (DU) permission to depart:
This will be a flight based on AI, as it should understand which flight paths are designed, modified and reorganized manually or can provide information on access to the airspace in the bass.
Geo-Fencing de Services (DU):
Deer Aero will have an AI-base that ensures that it will be protected from unmanned aerial vehicles related to reputation or to no avail that can be achieved.
Deep (DU) Notification System:
This notification of the cloud notification will notify you of notifications, warnings and warnings, as well as the awareness of the unliquidated airfield system or circulation.
Deepuas (DU) Satisfactory quality solution:
This will be a man-made management, as management should decide how to resolve problems during collaboration, such as unmanned aerial vehicles or other emergency aircraft, within the UTM system.

Basics and Freight Transportation
Deep Aero will have a take-off and take-off fleet (VTOL), which will broadcast rebroadcast and operate on the Deep Aér ® UTM. Dern Aero will create all sorts of unmanned aerial vehicles due to problems and loads. In mid-2019, the main cargo was roughly the same as in mid-2019, and the first studies were continued in mid-2020.

Drone Market
Deep Aero will become a leased market for projects and services related to unmanned aerial vehicles.
In addition, because of the opportunities and opportunities available in the market, can be denied delivery of taxis, delivery of goods, ETS. Fleet owners usually buy spare parts, charge a fee or more.
According to these main reasons, deer Aero will change its behavior caused by unmanned aerial vehicles.
Overview of Deep AERO DRONE

The deer Aero features will include all of the following:
Flights to Dere Aero will meet all regulatory requirements. AI-driven, the right protocols, will create friendly to the enterprise and concomitant efforts.
Float flights can adapt to changes in airspace conditions, including wind, visibility, and technique, for orthogonal flight characteristics.
Deer Aero provides maximum efficiency due to recent changes in nearby traffic, as well as the analysis of residential flight and subsequent analysis.
Uses for Der Aero
Drones-no matter how safe, transported or useful-can lead to numerous uses. Some of the cases mentioned above are related to the fact that all this does:

Whose Dero Aero?
Derer Aero is headed by Gurmete Singh (CEO). Other well-known members of the team took part in the work of Majanka Jane (CFO) and Harsh Sharma (viés président).
Somarani is welcomed in Ajman Free zone, in Ajman, UAE. Ajman is one of the seven editions of the UAE and is located only in Obitae Dubai.
The company was established in October 2017. The aim is to test and verify plans, including traffic control systems and cargo drones, by the end of July 2019. Deep work should be continued until 2020.

The Deep Aero DRONE ICO
Deer Aero is an ICO for others.
This is a total stock of $5 billion (5 000 000 000) of Dr Token. 50% (2.5 billion dollars) US) is sent to the ICO, 25% (1.25 billion) is sent to aid, 10% (500 million) to consultants, 10% (500 million US dollars) to the earlier, and 5% (250 million US dollars).

Drone Tokens will be considered at the level of $0.05 arsis (e.g. exchange rate 1 ETH = $1000 USD).
For markers on March 30th to April 15, you can use the same DRONE tags.
The primary token must be between 2 and 1 June. After June 1, will be sold before sale until the date of sale-although the shelf life has not been determined (we assume that all this will continue until all are disclosed).

Deep Aero offers to expand the market in the market by creating special solutions, including block-based numerous outlets, the market for earlier projects and services, as well as a fleet for other companies and cargo.


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