DENARO Here are some crypto that offers a versatile payment solution that allows users to save, spend, and transfer them into crypto interface is intuitive and debit cards. There are proposals for new users who want to store, transfer, and spend Your resources — that Crypto is DENARO.
Lately, you can’t buy anything with a kriptocurrency of real estate to the top row of the supercar. However, when should shopping
groceries or buy a latte at your favorite cafe, it was back to good food. Cryptocurrency offers a level of security and protection that has never happened before it came to the storage and transfer of value. Disintermediasi from traditional financial infrastructure and decentralization devote millions of people around the world by providing access to banking services that traditional banking facilities are transparent, on the other hand, is famous for his wealth the tail of the torture, the lack of transparency, high banking costs, registration process, and cruel misery international transfer. However, people are not option but to make it happen — liquidity.
Debit Card Denaro
All users of the same species face challenges when it comes to spending their digital assets — roads limited and 
opportunities. The user has not been granted the luxury of Crypto to pay
goods and services at crypto blindness due to the fact most traders still prefer fiat and credit top crypto. A number of merchant service who are willing these new currencies tend to support one single crypto. However, these “luxuries given” is currently being undermined by the volatility of the market, this service to suspend the imposition of support.
This should not have happened. Cryptocurrencies offers advanced fraud protection, privacy, reindeer and arbitrary chargebacks and reversals of buying goods and services with their fiat should be easy, if not easier. Debit card Denaro addressing this issue.
Denaro, Debit card users will be able to load the crypto emergency such as BTC, ETH, and DNO to debit cards physically and spend it in the millions of dollars online and offline stores around the world.
Denaro is unlimited payments ecosystem that aims to bridge the gap between crypto and the market mainstream. This platform enables companies and individuals to send, spending, saving, and exchanging kriptocurrency and fiat currencies through secure web wallet, debit cards physically, merchants payment terminals, and IBAN
IBAN (International Bank Account Number) internationally accepted
identification code for transactions between banks in different countries. This Number helps foreign bank checks the validity of the account they are dealing with, as well as help them identify financial institutions and countries they are dealing with. IBAN make cross-border payments easier and faster for easy processing.
Smart contract take over service one step blockchain dislocation
further by applying computer Protocol autonomous and self-executing
that is only triggered when certain terms or conditions previously agreed upon are met. Because this Protocol is built with blockchain technology, they were able to verify and enforce the terms of the contract without the supervision of a third party. Since no one controlling them, they also serve as escrow services without trust. Smart offers escrow contract protected without purpose which aims to protect the value of the kriptocurrency for the user, as well as processing income platform drain and handing out awards as incentives.
Road Map:
Market research-March 2017
Planning and business strategy-April 2017
Private Investor appreciation of Apr-2017
Can the company registration-June 2017
Looking for specialists-June 2017
Development and Beta Test Portfolio-July 2017
The preparation of the white paper-2017
The concept of August about payment terminals kriptocurrency and IBAN-November 2017
Intelligent Development/Test/Security Audit contract-November 2017
Open Beta portfolio Multi-Cryptocurrency Denaro-January 2018
ICO launched in addition to the advertising campaign-February 2018
ICO End-March 2018 DNO the first Exchange-March 2018
IOS and Android application development-March 2018
Development of Payment Terminal Cryptocurrency-2018 late March
Officer CoinFest UK-2018 public launch April 5 project DENARO-2018
the first week of may, the consensus conference-14-16 May 2018
List of popular stock-end of may 2018 quality improvement of living-June 2018.
To facilitate the development of the platform, Denaro will launch Initial Public Offerings of coins (ICO). A limited number of DNO will be distributed during the event. Participants will be able to contribute in the event using the ETH, BTC, LTC and fiat payment gateway.
● The Token Name: DNO
● Total Supply: 100, 000, 000
● Price: 3000 DNO/ETH or equivalent
● Hard cap: 65 million
Smart token contract Denaro is programmed to be printed up to 100 m ERC-20
token compliant. The mint will make token function number appointed
tokens and transfers it to the provided address ETH. After the event, no other token DNO will be printed and all the tokens that were not sold will be burned. Contract specifications token:
● Address: 0x10b35b348fd49966f2baf81df35a511c18bd1f80
● Symbol: DNO
● decimal: 7
Private sale Denaro will offer a token of early contributors to DNO and investors to speed up the development of platform and facilitating the launch of sales of goods/goods. The offer is expected to be as follows:
● Supply: 2.5 million
● Price: 3000 DNO/ETH
● Bonus: 25%
● Duration: 7 days
Denaro will offer the remaining 62,000 DNO tokens a month after the sale. Padded Cap ICO/common is the 10 million DNO.
● Minimum Contribution: $10
● Maximum Contribution: $100,000 (for contributions greater than the maximum amount, contact [email protected] for processing and the right bonus allocation)
● Bonuses: ranging from 25% and decreases along a particular token sales milestone moment struck
● Length: 35 Days
● Referral Commission: 3%

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