DENARO-Versatile Payment Solution, Or To Save, Spend, And The Transfer Of Cryptographic

DENARO is an easy installments adjusted settings that empower clients to save, spend, and exchange their digital cash with a natural interface and card checks are likely to be the main issue crypto-physical spend it.

Biological systems installment Denaro consistent linking cryptographic separation between money and market standards. This stage empowers organizations and people to send, spending, saving, and exchanging crypto and fiat through a secure web wallet, card check, physical terminal installment vendor, and IBAN. Using multi-digital money wallet Denaro, you won’t need a lot of location again. Not exclusively allows you to obtain and store various forms of cryptography money under one address, this also allows you to spend it at the ATM or any store.

Denaro has created a SCI/API that is safe and can be customized for the benefit of merchants who will push the installment of merchandise and companies on the web or disconnected use web wallet or plastic physical separately. Denaro group is a group in the aggregate power of blockchain and is the lover of master raised in each of their separate subject. Capabilities and the nature of their work with a strong sense of responsibility towards them in delivering an answer that will be the foundations of cryptography and money in fixing the world.

All exchanges are done to/from wallet Denaro ascertained by using a cryptographic encryption, which offers security-driven squeeze, essentially reducing cost and protection Exchange. Denaro channel not only provided installment online. You can also accumulate BTC, ETH and Your check card to DNO Denaro to utilise physical crypto You in a large number of shops and ATMS around the world.

Denaro is rewarded with a contributor/early investors and public participation in the Commission system bonus and a generous referral. The bonus system rewarding early based on the token are sold in the event of a sale and the sale of our Prime, while the reference of the system the Commission express community members with 5% of every purchase made by the reference them. Pre-sale bonus system consists of a bonus of 25% for the contribution of investors. It takes a full pre-sale-7 days.

The bonus system public/main-sale comprise 25% bonus for first token which sold 15 million, 10% to 20 million tokens sold, 5% for the next token is 25 million sold and then no bonus for the final 5 million sold. There are 65 million tokens which sold for general sales.

Debit Card Denaro
All users of the same species face challenges when dealing with expenses of their digital assets physically-opportunities and limited opportunities. Users of cryptography is still being given the luxury to pay for goods and services in the merchant service, because crypto more still prefer fiat and credit over encryption. Some merchant service who are willing to support a new currency tend to favor a simple encryption. However, “the luxury on offer” is currently being undermined by the volatility of the market, forcing it to suspend services support.

It’s not supposed to happen. Cryptocurrencies offers advanced protection from fraud, privacy, lower cost and is not resistant to reversal and reversals that are false and arbitrary. Buy goods and services they have to be as easy as fiat, if not easy. Debit card Denaro addressing this issue.

Denaro, debit card users will be able to load the crypto thieves such as BTC, ETH and DNO became physical debit card and spend it at millions of online and offline stores around the world.

The Details Of Sales Of Denaro Token
To facilitate the development of the platform, Denaro will launch Initial Coin Offering (ICO) public. A limited number of DNO will be distributed during the event. Participants will be able to contribute in the event using the payment gateway fiat ETH, BTC, LTC and

The Name Token: DNO
The total supply of Token: 100 million
Price: 3000 DNO Token = 1 Ethereum
Hardcap: $65 million

Smart token contract Denaro programmed to print up to 20 160Juta ERC-compliant tokens. The mint will make token functions the number of tokens and transfer them to the designated address ETH provided. After the show Finished, ICO other DNO token will not be printed and all the tokens that were not sold will be burned.

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