Dentacoin: Token-based Ethereum for Global industry that promises

[Dentacoin]-Dentacoin is a business concept that moves on the basis of Blokchain and was first designed by the Global Dental Industry. DentaCoin issued a token in the konigurasikan using the ERC20 to be used globally by any of its users around the worldDentacoin as the new company was doing some fundraising to investment support the idea and ideals besarna. Dentacoin seeks to further embrace more elements so that more people can join in and enjoy great success with it. Thus does the interesting idea of big business Dentacon? Here is a brief explanation for you so that you are sure with their big projects

How the unique Project Dentacoin?
Dentacoin has a grand vision to make changes and correct dental problems all over the world in order to make it more affordable by harnessing excellence base Blockchain. Dentcoin believe that empowers patients to contribute and take part in the process of industrial development is one of the keys to form a better future in terms of dental care. A pilot project is being carried out by Dentacoin (Trusted Review Platform) is in the process of development as a platform that is transparent, tamper-resistant and platform to provide protection to the world’s first teeth in the world of

Dentacoin is a crytocurrency (digital currency) that uses a decentralized platform. This gives diperuntuhkan to reward the patient and dentist to give contribution on the platform, this idea is the first and there hasn’t been before. Dentacoin does not aim to compete with big marketing Altcoin other Cryptocurrencies, but the presence of dentcoin is to support and provide solutions to dental health care better

Project similar to Dentacoin
one of the projects that are almost the same but different in launches in 2014 IE the Ethernal very successful launch on the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and was able to raise $ Bitcoin 18 million (exchange rate $0.4 in the Bitcoin). Later on they values continued up until the spread value reached $1 billion. Very fantastic rather than the movement of companies in the field of cryptocurrency

DentaCoin have a great opportunity with a unique idea and there has never been the same. This opportunity is able to read properly by the Dentcoin to be utilized as a land of new business and make improvements in dental care. Dental problems is one of the health problems that nearly everyone in the world ever miserable. This is a golden opportunity that need to be immediately in never achieved

DentaCoin ICO Project open
to be able to realize a big dream and vision of a great business, Dentacoin make an ICO in order to can help companies to raise funds in order to materialize the concept of big business. As already mentioned above, that the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is an event where the new crytocurrency project was introduced and as a way to mengumpukan funds (investors) to together realize business idea developer

ICO Plans Dentacoin
ICO Dentacoin starts will be opened on July 26, 2017 with the following: sales

Volume Pre-sale: 80 000 000 000 DCN (1% of total supply).
Price: 0.003521 USD cents/DCN or 284 DCN/USD cents.

Dentacoin trying to check out the exclusive presen companies on their site. The total Volume of Presale was 80 billion Dentalcoins (80,000 000 000 DCN), currently living on the presale. With contribute in presale You support the Dentacoin Foundation and the company’s mission to improve health around the world.

What Projects are done Dentacoin?
This project is working to develop a number of tools. Each targeting specific needs in the industry. With the Dentacoins report, the patient can easily pay for dental care, insurance, etc. so as to make dental care affordable. This will also help maintain the dentist a stable additional income because of a mutual benefit in the project. Using and applying the tools, the award is issued in the form of a token is used to pay for dental, dental care or purchasing a product.

How does dentacoin?
As a patient Partner Clinical Dentacoin patients can get Dentacoins with participated in Patient Loyalty Program, where the program is rewarding to the patient over an honest opinion through the survey to provide feedback to give to his clinic

Patients can also get Dentacoin (DCN) for use in various sectoral (platform mobile application reviews, aftercare, education).

Dentacoin want an increase in awareness by publishing the article, create a podcast and actively participate in Ted Talks. All of this helps us all to be able to grow together and evolve toward a common good

Team Dibalik Proyek Besar Dentacoin
Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev, Founder of Dentacoin Foundation
Philipp Grenzebach, Co-Founder / Business Developer / M&A
Jeremias Grenzebach, Co-Founder / Core Developer | Twitter
Sergey Ushakov, Front-end & Solidity Developer | Linkedin
Boris Nekezov,Front-End Developer
Ayredin Stoyanov, Graphic Designer | Linkedin

Dr. Elena Tuma,Project Manager: Trusted Review Platform | Linkedin
Dr. Desislava Gercheva, Project Manager: Dental Insurance
Dr. Violina Filipova, Project Manager: Market Research Platform
Dr. Deyan Novakovski,Project Manager: Healthcare Database
Dr. Dimo Daskalov, Dental Industry Development Catalyst | Linkedin

Dr. Ivan Peev, Dentistry 4.0 Specialist
Tsvetomir Ivanov, Industry 4.0 Engineer
Donika Kraeva, Strategic Communications Manager | Twitter
Mariam Nishanian,Community & Public Relations | Twitter
Betina Bogdanova,Senior Legal Advisor
Veselin Matov, CRM & Supply Chain Manager
Ali Hashem,Customer Support | Linkedin
Hristo Gradechliev, CFO
Of Julia Radeva, Business Development Manager | Linkedin

Dentacoin Advisor
Dr. Steven Warren, Advisor
Dr. Jackson Stark, Advisor
Dr. Ethan Young, Advisor
Dr. David Thompson, Advisor
Benjamin Coleman,
Joshua Abelson Advisor, Advisor

great people at the top will bring us together and Dentacoin who participated in the plan for a magnitude of business success in the future. This limited opportunity and benefit from well

more detailed information you can get on the official link: Dentacoin

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