DESICO – The World’s First Platform to Issue and Trade Security Tokens

Desicodevelops a platform that will allow users to easily run the ICO campaign in Safe mode. Active development of the cryptocurrency industry, in particular bitcoin, has made a real splash in society. I think that almost every person, even weakly versed in all this sphere, has ever heard about this cryptocurrency and operations which can be carried out with its help. Tokens are less popular, but no less important. If people have any idea about bitcoins, the tokens of the case are much worse. Roughly speaking, tokens are a kind of digital currency. Imagine that we have a platform X. After the creation of the official site, developers tend to think about the release of tokens. This helps not only to attract new audiences, but also to further develop the platform. Issued tokens can be purchased by anyone at the time of the ICO.

Desico Team
fully comply with all the financial rules of the European Union. However, the developers do not mention expansion to other markets, and it is not yet clear which nationals will be served after the release of the platform.

Desico has a very small presence in social networks, less than a dozen subscribers on Twitter and Facebook pages, and its platform has been published only in a few sites dedicated to ICO information. However, the project is still at an early stage in its roadmap at the time of writing, and it has not started any marketing campaigns; The project will probably get much more attention because its ICO will start in very soon and the platform is nearing completion.

Desico Technology
Primary placement Desico is a crowdfunding platform that makes it easy to create and invest in ICO projects. Desico claims that its platform is dedicated to the secure implementation of ICO, which entitles owners to receive part of the business, their tokens differ from simple cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoins or other platform-specific tokens, and they adhere to Much more stringent regulations. Desico will help start-up campaigns and investors navigate the selected campaigns to generate profit later on.

The Desico platform will offer investors the best and safest campaign options; They can be sure that all ICO’s listed on the platform’s website are legal and fully legal. Another significant advantage of the platform is that investors will be able to confirm their identity only once on their site and then use this confirmation to participate in any of the ICO which will be added to the Desico platform.
All tokens issued by Desico will be immediately listed on the site platform after the ICO.

The Desico platform is still far from its release: The Beta platform is slated for release in the second quarter of 2019, with an exchange arriving later this year, and the first full version of the platform in the fourth quarter of 2020.

ICO Desico Details
Token name: DESI
Token on the ERC20 ether platform
Total number of tokens 804 000 000 DESI
Allocated for sale 410 000 000 DESI

A total of 804 000 000 tokens will be created DESI, 410 000 000 DESI of which will be sold to the public. The remaining 49% of tokens will be divided between the development team, the reserve Fund, and the Bounty program.

Oddly enough, details about the terms and prices for the ICO is not found on the site Desico, on social networks, and in the technical description. On other third-party Web sites, report that the sale will be held from May 21 to August 19, 2018, the price of the token for 1 DESI 0.095 EUR. The program fee is just over 3.6 million US dollars.

The Desico token is an ERC-20 currency, and the ICO will only accept Ethereum. Although the platform it finances is the security platform of all ICO tokens, the Desico token itself is a common erc20 token that entitles owners to privileges and services within the framework.  many platform fees and will gain access to the ICO sales.

Conclusion : 
If Desico can offer full legal compliance for the secure ICO, it florists become the best platform for startups, bypassing different scam projects. However, the company will face difficult conditions because it would go to the international level, few countries are loyal to the ICO, and the laws relating to this technology are rapidly changing.

It is too early to say whether the token Desico a strong investment, the company represents a strong idea, but its technical and legal objectives are very ambitious, and the product will not be released until the ICO finishes.

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