DICE New Type “Cluster Economy” Which is Much More Social and Fair

DICE is the revolutionary cryptocurrency that displays the simplicity of great and different operational models compared to the others. Its main purpose is to allow DICE entered everyday life as an alternative to the normal currency of money, while at the same time complete decentralization giving power to the social groups for raise funds via crypto mining. Users are now able to invest in the business only with mine the DICE for that business. Organizations such as schools or hospitals may benefit from mining crowdfund while at the same time keeping the crypto miners also received the incentive. Individuals can enjoy full support from their relatives and close friends in the mines to cover mortgages, and so on the applications are endless.
DICE Unveils  “economic cluster ” new type which is much more social and fair, and to give greater opportunities to individuals and small businesses to succeed by funding through the support of their contact networks.
DICE (abbreviated from the digital certificate) is the new cryptocurrency of major blockchain solved the problem.
No general ledger transactions, but we introduce cluster model “” new from colleagues who are not connected (called   “operator”) all of which work in one global ecosystem, more efficient.
 Dice practically not possible for stolen: can hackers ever steal even one atom physically? The answer is no. Hackers can only steal the data, but the DICE there as an object in the real world.
 Be United around a common goal: one of the biggest problems of today’s society is inequality. 1% is getting rich with all of us getting poor.
 the transaction is completely free: why would anyone agree to billed due to give money to someone else?
 DICE can be mined to offline: offline mining Capability opens the possibility for some very interesting fintech products and sophisticated that we will see in the near future.
 further DICE Features: digital wallet does not require or rely on Exchange Allows anyone to become socially significant entities are not affected by the hacking and blocking blockchain
 a true Decentralization: DICE doesn’t have a great book that is present in a typical blockchain architecture. On the contrary, there are many great books because there are operators in global ecosystems, some of which are public, the other is personal.
 the Strengthened Security: a new communication protocol which is practically not possible to compromise and steal the DICE. In addition to physical properties of DICE need to have a copy of the actual data structure.

 Offline Mining: DICE can be mined safely without fear that the other person is secretly using your resources. Mining offline also opened the door toward mobile fintech products of interest.
 speed and Scalability: the Model was built on a large number of small, unconnected knot allows maximum parallelism and unlimited scalability. Each node only handles a fraction of the overall traffic.
 completely free: the concept of transaction costs there are no DICE in the model. Incentives for both sides came from somewhere else, not cost.
 Social Economy: one of the biggest advances in the DICE is the idea’s “mining investment “, socially uniting opportunities to raise funds for a specific purpose or business while you dig for yourself at the same.
 No Middlemen: Model “peer to peer” genuine without the need to Exchange or purse. Deterministic and Predictive POWER is not intended to be speculative assets. It was designed to replace the traditional money in the free implementation of surprise.
 IDO: offer New Fee increases of public offerings has created a new obstacle in front of new business starts. A large number of  “consultant ” has managed to insert themselves between the new business and market potential. DICE creates new opportunities for “Initial DICE Offering” to improve without the upfront costs associated with other models.

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