The loose change is converted into Digitize tokens, allowing it to be used for payments, loyalty programs

Digitize is an ecosystem that will provide users with a digital wallet and allow them to save their change coins and cache digitally at the time the transaction is committed. Digitize eliminates the need to transfer change coins, accelerates the transition from cash to economy on the basis of digital technologies, which without a doubt will reduce the cost of production, and will eliminate the problems associated with physical Changes.
The ecosystem will also strengthen the crypto market by translating an additional stream of income into cryptocurrency through change coins. While most countries in the Western world accept digital payments, many developing countries continue to make extensive use of cash transactions (cash reception and disbursement operations). The activities of the Digitize platform will be aimed at assisting in the transfer of funds to digital wallets. The project team will focus on the markets of South Asia, dominated by cash operations, in order to assist in the transition to digital wallets.
The digitize platform will be an accessible mobile application that can be downloaded by almost any user, even the most novice. Digitize will offer a number of online manuals for the public that would be able to view and understand the operation of the application and platform. Users will pass a full KYC to ensure compliance.
To join the platform, the user downloads the Digitize mobile app, which will be available in all popular app stores. The user then creates an account on the Digitize platform, either as a consumer or as a retailer. Each user will be provided with a purse that stores all the data in a decentralized database and allows you to interact with other members. The ecosystem will be built according to a scalable and decentralized approach that will ensure stability and sustainability in the long term.
The ecosystem will include the following participants, as shown in the following diagram:
Digitize assumes the following responsibilities:
Digitize token creation and run a token to finance development and expansion;
Create a decentralized, fair and secure model for token execution;
Development of intellectual contracts for execution of payment process and fulfillment of order;
Release of the website and mobile application for retailers and consumers;
Creating an effective incentive model for all parties to join the digitize ecosystem;
Development of active marketing campaigns for ignition of initial thrust;
Development of normative aspects of the ecosystem.
Digitize will provide both retailers and consumers with a number of manuals available on the website to help you understand the platform’s performance.
Digitize focuses on performance and security: The team of project creators plans to use the most proven, advanced open source technologies.
This system will be the first decentralized consumer ecosystem to help move to virtual currencies through the conversion of bargaining coins. Consumers will get a platform for converting and exchanging their mutuel coins for Ethereum. Digitize also offers retailers a reward platform where they can award rewards.
The project team, consisting of 5 professional developers and 6 consultants, argues that in order to implement the global development and distribution of the platform around the world, it is necessary to work diligently on many aspects of the platform Digitize, such as technological development, digital platform and exchange, Web sites, strategic partnerships and marketing strategy for market entry.

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