DIGITIZECOIN: Loose Change Eliminated Currency To Digitize

Digitizea crypto-based ecosystem is based blockchain that allows consumers a loose change into change virtual currency at the point of transaction. Loose change eliminated to Digitize in currencies, allowed him to use to payments, loyalty programs and interchangeable with Etheruem.

Let’s face it, nobody likes to loose change! Whether the thrust in your purse or move into your pocket, loose change is a burden that must be faced by everyone because of its value and throw it away with the absurd. Digitasi will solve this problem by letting you save changes You at the point of transaction, direct to your own digital wallet and lets you turn it into another currency or use to payments in the future. While many Governments around the world are looking to digitize their national currencies because of the cost of creating, distributing and securing their currencies, Digitasi will be changing channels loosely in the world.

The Mission
Helping the world’s transition from a money-based society, to the digital world. Digitize is targeting people and consumers directly by solving real-world problems. Most cryptocurrencies nowadays are very heavy and hard to be understood by the average consumer-adoption barrier technology mainstream. We plan to accomplish this by developing a service that helps consumers change the crypto changes into a looseness and ease the sense of frustration to carry and store loose change thoroughly. By making this process simple and seamless experience, we aim to bring the community into the world of the crypto one transaction at a time.¬†Contribute to the global trend of transition from cash to non-cash (digital) payments. Cryptocurrency quickly spread and become popular due to its advantages. Our goal is to provide consumers with a simple and convenient process of converting cash into virtual currencies. Imagine that you come to the nearest store and buy products worth $22.50. You pay in cash $30, and the difference in the amount of $7.50 you can send to your purse digitize.

“In a survey of more than 2000 individuals, nearly half chose not to bring coins.”
“Adult Australia lost an average of $60 per year with the loose change, the equivalent of $466 million per year.”

The original sign for kriptocurrency
Digitize allows consumers change loose change that Digitizebecomes the token. Digitize the token can then be used as a payment system, or to contribute to the program of loyalty/reseller award.

It’s easy!
Imagine walking into a nearby grocery store and bought groceries for $ $22.50. You pay your total cash $30. $7.50 changes that you will receive, it can be sent directly to You by recording digitization purse your phone on scanners Digitize. The changes will then be deposited directly into Your digitization wallet.
Digitize stored token can be used as payment, contributed to the award program, or used for the exchange of Etheruem.

Coin digitize:
-Allows you to convert cash in cryptocurrency
-contributes to the transition of the global economy to digital currencies
-Allows you to exchange tokens for other cryptocurrency

Token: DTZ
Course: 1 DTZ = 0,0002 ETH
Total tokens: 200 000 000
Pre-ICO target: 4000 ETH
Ultimate goal: 20 000 ETH
Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH
Pre-ICO + 25%
Token distribution:
2%-Bounty and Referral program
Distribution of funds:
65%-research and development
10%-operating expenses
2%-legal expenses
Bounty Campaign:
Total allocated 2 000 000 DTZ
30%-Articles and videos
20%-signatures and avatars
20%-Twitter and Facebook

Website: https://digitizecoin.com
Whitepaper: https://digitizecoin.com/whitepaper?
Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2907076.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DigitizeCoin
Facebook: http://facebook.com/DigitizeCoinICO
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/DigitizeCoin/?originalSubdomain=au
Telegram: https://t.me/digitizecoin

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