DIMPAY Uses Blockchain To Cryptonize The Payment Process

DIMPAY is a global payment system built on top of block NEM. The use of blockchain technology makes the platform more inexpensive, instantly, transparently and eliminate third party. This platform is designed for peer-to-peer, businessto-business, consumer-to-business and business-to-consumer. DIMPAY is an integral part of the ecosystem of DIM and consists of DEPOTWALLET, mobile DEPOTWALLET and DIM Debit Card. DEPOTWALLET allows users to buy, sell, hold and manage the assets and crypto criticized. DIM Debit card will allow consumers to make purchases of e-commerce and a walk-in store merchant. Business account DEPOTWALLET will allow merchants generate invoices, track inventory, make payments and more. DIMPAY cashless transaction will make it easier for consumers and merchants. However, the payment system is not just for consumers and merchants; This could potentially be a financial solution for 2 billion adults who do not have bank accounts around the world.

DIMPAY Foundation
DIMPAY Foundation is a separate entity from the Foundation’s DIM. DIMPAY Foundation will have Board members and officers of its own. DIM Foundation will offer full support to the Foundation of DIMPAY as a pilot project. DIMPAY will operate independently in the ecosystem of DIM. Foundation DIM had allowed the development of DIMPAY for outsource exclusively to DIMPAY Foundation. This is to ensure that the ecosystem DIM decentralized, not only in the place of the fundamental level of blockchain but also the operational level.

There is a form of code like “3D code with an extra dimension of color and code 4 d with multi-screen sequential” 3 but the QR code is the main focus because it has mass adoption. QR code is read by the imaging device such as a camera in hand held devices like mobile phones and tablets. According to Cisco’s Global Mobile Data Forecast Update Mobile, global mobile traffic grew by 63% in the year 2016 reached 7.2 exabyte (7.2 billion gigabytes) per month by the end of 2016 and it rises from 4.4 exabyte per month at the end of 20154. Monthly global mobile data traffic is estimated to be 49 exabyte in 2021 and mobile devices will represent 20% of the total traffic Internet Protocol (IP); with Smartphones account for more than 50% of the devices and connections global5. As mobile devices continue to increase in popularity, with the adoption of the QR code and mobile payments will increase. DIMPAY is positioning itself for the anticipated use of the mobile boom.

QR code will be the basis of the experience of P2P, B2B and B2C using DIMPAY.
The use of QR code will eliminate the need for many of the participants as a cashier in the payment process the removal of many of the participants will lead the lower costs and improve efficiencies and savings for consumers and consumer merchants.

Features Of DIMPAY
The feature of DIMPAY is the combination of various attributes of DEPOTWALLET, mobile DEPOTWALLET and DIM Debit Cards.
Users will enjoy connectivity with three payment options directions consisting of (1) DEPOTWALLET, (2) mobile DEPOTWALLET and (3) DIM Debit Cards
Access to Ecosystem DIM, consists of (1) a wise Exchange is operated by WISE Consulting Ltd, which facilitates the exchange of fiat currency into the currency of the DIM and kriptooris as well as the digitization of assets, and (2) the financial block-based platform (HYBRID Stock Exchange) where users can switch DIMPAY securities crycronized, cryptocurrencies etc.
DEPOTWALLET interface is user-friendly
DIM Debit Cards connect financial services blockchain services with traditional fintech
DIMPAY simplifies payment experience for customers this is the platform where merchants can track customer trends and their inventory
DIMPAY integrate point of sale, ecommerce services and fintech into Ecosystems DIM

Destination DIMPAY
The goal of DIMPAY is to:
Facilitate cashless transactions between a consumer and a merchant
Secure the value of their own Currencies through promoting the use of DIM DIMPAY DIM and ecosystems
Promote cross-border trade
Make a note of the export accounting for traders is easier for them to save time and reduce costs
Provide financial services to people who are not interested parties through DEPOTWALLET
Be the go-to for traders and consumers to conduct daily activities
Promote the use of the DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies
Secure value Ecosytem DIM

There is an incentive to the holders of 50 + DIM TOKEN with the introduction of DIMPAY.
Some of the fees earned on the DIMPAY will go into 50 + DIM TOKEN holder. DIM TOKEN and the holder of the DIMCOIN will automatically get access to already have an account with DIMPAY DEPOTWALLET they do not need to do anything as the payment system will be added automatically to DEPOTWALLET them. The increasing use of DIMPAY success and potentially trickle down and increase the value of the TOKEN DIM and DIMCOINs.

DIMPAY is a new concept that will be integrated into the ecosystem of DIM. Project
still need an injection of capital to fruition. This project is an opportunity for holders of a DIM TOKEN and crypto-community to assist the introduction of new
Ecosystems Branch DIM. DIMPAY incentives have the potential to positively increase the value of DIMCOIN. The terms and the risks associated with ICO can be found in the terms & conditions and Prospectus DIMPAY DIMPAY.

Marketing -30% of the funds collected will be used for marketing at DIMPAY
identified on the chalkboard DIMCOIN ICO. The funds will be used for marketing
to train merchant on how to use business software DIMPAY. Marketing and
The training will be done within 2 years

Software development & Engineering -25% of the funds will be used for software development and engineering for service providers DIMPAY (DEPOTWALLET,
debit card DEPOTWALLET and DIM mobile). These funds will also be used for attachment to a DIM DEPOTWALLET Debit card.

Development of Structure -25% will build a team of agents to try to pitch DIMPAY traders and its benefits for traders.

Legal & Compliance -10% will meet the requirements of the law, in accordance with the applicable
regulatory framework and obtain the relevant licences needed help DIMPAY growth.
Operations & Administration -10% will be used for daily operational and administrative tasks behind the DIMPAY.

Website: https://www.dimpay.io
White Papper : https://www.dimpay.io/docs/dimpay-whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DIMPAY_ICO
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/DIMPAYICO
Telegram: https://t.me/DIMPAY

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