DISCIPLINA platform provides energy-efficient PoS minting

DISCIPLINA is a multifunctional blockchain for projects in education and hiring. This provides transparency of work and creates the conditions keeping confidentiality and reliability of the information added by the participants of the system. Do not use another blockchain DISCIPLINA in his work, and is being developed for the demands of education and recruitment, taking into account the specificities of their workers

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are developing the first blockchain to SDM & Education

3500 ETH

17,000 ETH

-The Token rate
0.0005 ETH


-We accept

-Main stage

The funds collected during the pre-sale will be accounted for in the total amount of funds collected during the campaign. These funds will be credited to the contract smart crowdsale. No token might be interesting until the end of the campaign.

* Due to the increasing demand for token DCSP and our interest in maximizing the amount of investor DISCIPLINA, we should limit the daily sales by an amount equivalent to 333 ETH.

These limitations would come into effect on March 1, 2018, 00:00 UTC and will last until the beginning of the main stage of the ICO.


-March 27, 2018
Blockchain workshop with Disciplina/Cardano Core Developers, New York 28-29 March 2018 &
Slush Tokyo-12 April 2018
2 Global Fintech & Blockchain China Summit Shanghai, 2018-16 & 17 April 2018
World Blockchain Forum, Dubai, UAE Here also has a referral program to invite your colleagues to join disclipina to get 5% disclipina

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* Thomas Frey, Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute
It has been predicted that by the year 2030 the biggest companies on the internet will become the education-based companies have not we heard ”

The Mission of the disciplina
To create a multifunctional blockchain to store a list of academic achievements and qualifications that are integrated to produce a scoring system for each user of our platform

Our goals
To create a universal blockchain which will store personal achievement in digital form and ensure the immortality and the credibility of their
To offer an effective algorithm to search candidates based on their field of expertise
To develop mechanisms of monetization data stored by the institution++

YOU WILL ALSO MENDAPATAKAN the advantages of the platform
1, the opportunity to store data about personal achievement in digital form and provides access to data through an integrated platform which ensures the legitimacy and his credibility

2. an effective search tool based on the achievement of the candidate and their areas of expertise

3. DISCIPLINA is the open-source platform. Each education service or recruitment will be able to use blockchain in their projects

4. Monetization data stored on the academic achievement of students through its trade to the recruiters. Fulfillment of obligations by all parties is guaranteed, and the option to cross-border payments is provided

5. Reliable information about ratings, feedback, and the value of student

6. targeted educational Opportunities when students have a specific milestone with the completion of which they will be guaranteed a job at a specific organization

The main means of payment from the platform will be token DISCIPLINA DSCP

The users of the platform will be issued cards DISCIPLINA co-branding plastic Cryptopay with direct conversion option token DSCP became fiat money. Users can control their accounts through their personal profile or through mobile applications.

Services that integrate platform blockchain DISCIPLINA into the process technology they will can use the token and all interfaces that are relevant to the transaction.

Why do we developing our own blockchain architecture?
DISCIPLINA will keep confidential information, such as courses, student assignments, grades, and test results. Therefore, the solution of the public blockchain, which stores all of their transactions in the open-access Ethereum or EOS, for example, is not acceptable. At the same time, the solution blockchain, such as Hyperledger, do not provide sufficient verification of the data stored in it.

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