DIW TOKEN Gives You The Security of Decentralized

DIW TOKEN  is decentralized identification service that is personalized for the comfort and safety of a new standard. With the patented system functionality, users can store and access confidential data are scrambled on the technology blockchain.

According to independent experts, in the long run, the DIW will become a valuable tool for work in all areas of professional activity and everyday life. In addition, the DIW involves the development and preparation of the hardware itself for “decentralized security” to the user. Plans for DIW is not limited to — the release of token DIW is planned. Their purchases are available for individuals and organizations, using DIWs for transactions with other holders. DIW token will also perform the function of “collection of the Bill”. Thus, the holder of the DIW will be able to make deals with the conditions that have been specified.
DIW Token Function.
System project DIW will provide an integrated control system that allows the user to make the transfer and receipt of money transactions for all fiat currencies and currency cryptograph. In addition, various organizations, companies, individuals and legal entities who will be the users of the DIW, will be able to actively work together with the community DIW, where they can safely send the desired data. This system is called a “Payment Gateway”.

DIW project offers many opportunities and advantages. This is, first, a secure digital storage — a system where users store their confidential information safely, which contains the identification documents, various passwords, bank accounts, credit cards. All information provided, documentation, valuable data will be checked by the system for KYC. DIW platform will allow users to share data safely and securely, either partially or completely.

DIW Global Directory
DIW wanted to show the list of worldwide where account holders, whether they are people or co-workers, will have a capacity to register their administration and expand their reach. The index will show a frame of scientific studies on building trust and openness between the account holder.

Escrow is paid
Another important element of stage of DIW is the benefit of escrow agreement considering the contingent that will ensure the exchange between meetings. Benefits of escrow DIW paid, easy to use, but this caught the brilliant, and make sure that all the conditions are met before the asset exchanges arrive.

Electronic health records
Is the error for the whole project to ignore critical security needs related to electronic health journal. Our vision is to DIW to cover this sector by providing a secure encryption and secure sharing of EHR between account holders and a laboratory that can be verified, pharmacist, doctor or other health care professional with added ability to use technology contracts have been presented at the intelligent network of DIW.

Use the DIW above team hope to be very useful for users in the field of services, comfort and safety, because our task is to develop the project, which of course with the support of users for the sake of progress together.

DIW project fix this world. The idea was created to develop, to improve the activity of people who strive to be successful. DIW create conditions so that you feel comfortable to do certain activities that will be effective for you.


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