DOCADEMIC Integration and Improvement of Medicine with the help of AI and Blockchain.

DOCADEMIC – Quality health care is important in the Organization of health services, increase public awareness about health and health services encourages any organization for quality-conscious health services in providing service the Organization’s services to users of health services. Any problems that arise in the Organization of health services in particular with regard to the quality of health services, there are three main concepts that are always appearing. The concept is access, cost, and quality. Of course, access includes access to physical, financial, and intellectual against mental health service and equipment available.

The issue of affordability and efficiency is also an important thing. However, the services provided in a health institution must have certain characteristics, in addition to the question of affordability and availability. Characteristics that must include the element and quality characteristics.  Elements of customer satisfaction is paramount. If the consumer (the patient) is not satisfied with the services provided, he did not akanmencari the service or receive it, although the service is available, it is easy to come by, and within easy reach.

Currently, the accessibility landscape for fragmented. Top health care providers all offer the same way to access health care services, and there is no single health service provider that distinguishes one access method. Furthermore, accessibility and best prices for certain health services can switch from one provider to another provider. At any time, the best way to get medical attention there may be in the hospital or local government service. The disease can be avoided by care at home but there is no way to find out for sure and search on the internet is most questionable.

DOCADEMIC PLATFORM is a service platform for global community sourced health that began with the help of doctor Video Telemedicine services with the help of a free human being that has been used in 20 countries by thousands of users and a set of tools AI social network help and related to the medical community combined, this results in a level of high-quality basic health care that allows every individual to access benefits and health knowledge that a technology now allows.

DOCADEMIC APP is built on top of an existing DOCADEMIC blockchain, routing data and technology help AI. With the simplicity of its use, it became a primary source for anyone in need of orientation in health problems-one touch system that connect patients with Doctors via Telemedicine Video for free, from any country the user is located. All patient information be secured on blockchain and represents the On-Ramp that is perfect for the health service in a blockchain. In comparison, other health related blockchain project does not have an On-Ramp for effective health services. With Telemedicine, a mass can now utilize technology blockchain in Healthcare.

The social network offers an ongoing Medical education, Patient referral, physician practice tools to everyday, Real Time Reporting and epidemiological data to our clients and researchers. Serve all the size and requirements of the client: DOCADEMIC Platform combines social networking APP DOCADEMIC and DOCADEMIC FOR the DOCTOR to get the high-end services such as epidemiological data reporting in real-time, suggestions of treatment and diagnosis The motivation for institutional or private doctors. practices, access to patient populations for prevention campaigns, and proprietary tools. DOCADEMIC such a sophisticated Electronic Health Records with the help of AI and Vademecum of Digital.

MEDICAL CURRENCY TOKENS, MTC is the fuel that will provide power at all DOCADEMIC because they are already in talks with Health institutions, the Government and its partners to make the MTC Token are preferred for medical services they will come and that will come as they migrate to a decentralized platform. MTC will be used in the broader health industry and other industries for a variety of purposes including payment and delivery of the money.

DOCADEMIC are building a solid Global Health utility-an advanced platform that can be used by the whole population of patients and the medical community to great advantage; where anyone can participate as users and holders of the Token.
DOCADEMIC someday will be a full ecosystem of health care for the population of patients/physicians around the world with access to digital.

The Name Token Token Currency: Medical
Symbol: MTC
Number of Publication: 1 trillion MTC
Token Sale Price: the selling price of a Token 1 MTC = 0.001 ETH (Special Bonus of 20% will apply to purchases during the period of the sale described in section 4.3)
Particulars: Token-based ERC-20 Ethereum
The maximum token offered: 350 million MTC ~ 350,000 ETH Crowd Sale 1 with 20% Bonus is 150 million MTC 150.000 ETH Crowd Sale 2 AUCTION 200 million MTC 200.000 ETH
The token Minimum required: 3.5 million MTC ~ 3,500 ETH

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