DOCADEMIC, Provide Free Quality Basic Healthcare Access to The world’s Patient Population

DOCADEMICAPP built on data routing patients and AI technology to existing DOCADEMIC which immediately activated. With the simplicity of its use, it became a primary source for anyone in need of orientation in health problems-one touch system that connect patients with Doctors via Telemedicine Video for free, from any country the user is located.
All patient information be secured on Blockchain and represents the On-Ramp that is perfect for the health service in a blockchain. As a comparison, the project blockchain other health care related do not have the On-Ramp for effective health services. With our free Telemedicine service, we can get the masses to benefit from blockchain technologies in Healthcare.

DOCADEMIC FOR DOCTORS social networks offer ongoing medical education, patient referral, physician practices to everyday tools, and reporting of epidemiological data for clients and our researchers in real time. Serve all the size and requirements of the client:
DOCADEMIC platform combines social networking APP DOCADEMIC and DOCADEMIC FOR the DOCTOR to get the high-end services such as epidemiological data reporting in real-time diagnosis and treatment advice, Motivation for doctors in institutions or private. practices, access to patient populations for prevention campaigns, and proprietary tools such as sophisticated DOCADEMIC Health Electronic Records with the help of AI and Vademecum of Digital.

Academic pharmacy is a very easy application and easy to use so that everyone can download and start using it. Application Documentation is supported by Android and iOS and can be downloaded from Google’s Play or the App Store. You can sign up for the Doctor via Facebook, Gmail or via e-mail.
Registered users can communicate with the doctor in the Doctor for free platform 24 hours a day.
Doctor to doctor is a social network for doctors who are enrolled in an academic platform.

Listed below are the main services of the platform of doctor to doctor:
⦁ Medical Education Program
⦁ Electronic Health Record (EHR)
⦁ Geographic epidemiology report data in real time
⦁ Various methods of treatment and diagnostic advice available to general practitioners and private
⦁ Medical journal
Academic Health technology company has been operating since 2016, and as long as it has attracted many users in 20 countries around the world. Since its inception, Docademic provides free video telemedika. All users of Academics can contact a doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The company managed to create a very good community to increase the level of public health worldwide through the platform Docademic.

Medical Power token currency free basic health, genomic research and future integration with AI blockchain.

What is MTC (Medical Token Currency)?
Bitcoin or Ethereum next for health care products and services.
Docademic created the blockchain-based health care services will be supported by MTC. As more health services utilizing the capchain MTC, we anticipate the MTC became the preferred choice by the health care provider ecosystem to flourish causing utilities MTC grows.
TRADE in all major exchanges MTC
Pay by MTC for all products and services DOCADEMIC
USE the MTC as a token payment for other health services.

Details about the sale of tokens:
Tiker (short term): MTC
The standard token: ERC20
The number of tokens removed: 1 billion MTC
Price: 1 MTC = 0.001 ETH (Efirium) (a bonus of 20% on the first krausejle (sales))
Minimum collection threshold (soft cap): 3.5 million MTC
Early sales (kraudsail): January 29, 2018.


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