Doctailor Development Platform Contracts, Acquisition and Distribution of Intelligent

Doctailoris a Platform that aims to improve the accessibility of customized smart contracts and increase the ease of development contracts, acquisition and distribution of intelligent.

We (DocTailor) aims to
-place platform offers so users can store, receive and send both crypto and fiat currency.
-Facilitate the use of the token DocTailor (DOCT) or another crypto
-Using P2P, B2B, and B2C as needed.
-Manage and monitor smart contracts and blockchain are deployed.
The technology is currently used by the public is limited. The current developer of the technology focus Exchange and online wallet and some service contracts. Request the services of smart contracts increased in the first three months 2016 worth 116 million dollars. For the current request that kind of service is limited but in the near future, this could rise two or three times.
Smart contracts

In smart contracts at blockchain, showed that only 13% are actually plugging technology into their work. This highlights the fact that there is something missing from the existing service to prevent widespread adoption. Problem The lack of expertise, high cost, volatility, and concerns relating to consumer protection that have not been resolved.

Solutions through the launch of multi-currencies wallet and the appropriate crypto Debit with liquidity options backend, a lot can be done to address the ‘ last mile ‘ adoption of the blockchain. The key to bringing the blockchain Everyday life arguably the ability to build and deploy smart contracts. This is an aspect which should be discussed in terms of digital payment standards, with intelligent solutions contracts in place service providers such as Paypal and Visa. This contract offers consumer protection against fraud and disputes.

Smart contracts at blockchain hold its potential to resolve this problem, not only but also concerns the problem directly. DocTailor platform developed and spread of smart contracts for the payment of multiple currencies can be instrumental in increasing the rate of adoption of blockchain on a global scale.

-The user can select more than 10,000 previously created legal
The selected clauses could be incorporated into an existing document structure.
-A new contract can be made to users quickly and efficiently.
Documents can be downloaded in various formats (e.g. Word,
-The Template is stored in the blockchain, maintaining clarity and transparency.
-The user can monitor the use of contracts and participation
Documents can be stored and managed online as needed.
Signs used to mark the signing of documents and contracts.
-Secure Agreement used to protect both parties in Indonesia of financial transactions.
Token and ICO
-Total supply-500 m DOCT
-Tokensale plus bonus-350M DOCT
Payment Methods-ICO-BTC and ETH
-Level of the ICO (changed)-2700 per DOCT 1ETH
-ICO-start date of March 31, 2018
I believe with technology as well as a professional team and a clear purpose, this Platform will be a successful Platform and interest by investors.
-Sam Enrico Williams-founder and CEO, LinkedIn & Twitter
-Dominic Brown – COO, LinkedIn
Alexandrine-Masse-Sr Legal Officer, LinkedIn
-Saffron Weale-CMO, LinkedIn
-Marco Zaratta-Counsel For Italy, LinkedIn

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