Dominium – Being Developed by Munte Immobilien and Max Property Group

Dominium – Good day dear readers, today I want to tell about the project Dominium, the decentralized trading platform of real estate. Dominium is an international platform where all the normative documentation will be standardized and the assets will be placed in the chain of blocks together with the sales, the rents and the administration of properties. Using the subsidiary chain Ardor, Dominium will receive the necessary regulatory licenses, which allow creating standardized legal templates for the financing of properties.

Which will allow companies to develop standards for homeowners to purchase Dominium accounts? And since assets are created in a blockchain, their owners are guaranteed complete security and transparency. In addition, Dominium is guaranteed by a portfolio of real estate assets that generate revenue and provide future development and maintenance of the platform.

Real estate is one of the oldest and most established industries in the world. Development of the project Dominium is engaged in the group, which started its activity since the middle of the 19th century, having to date its workings, funds, and property assets.
The team is developing an international platform for Real estate management based on the third generation blockchain. This will allow applying all the advantages of distributed technology, such as decentralization, reliability, and security in the field of real estate.

As a blockchain will be used Ardor, Dominium intends to fully integrate into it the trade of property, including contracts, agreements, asset management, and other opportunities. The assets for sale can be purchased by any member of the Dominium network, and blockchain will provide transparency and liquidity of the transaction.

Features of the Dominium platform
The capitalization of the world real estate market is estimated by experts of 217 trillion dollars, it is worth to include outdated technologies, pressure from regulators and mass centralization.
What solution to this problem can provide Dominium?
Development of a single international platform in which the unified normative base will operate; Dominium  Openness in use to all people and organizations, regardless of their material situation. All this is an opportunity offered to us by Dominium.
Tokenization of the real estate sphere will open a number of opportunities for market participants and allow to perform the following actions in the Dominium system through the DOM token:
Sale and purchase of real estate
Resolving issues through the support team
Participation in charity
Ability to lease assets
Registration of sales contracts in the blockchain

Creating assets
ICO Metrics and details
Dominium Project
Total Token Supply 1,000,000,000 DOM
Number of tokens for sale 700,000,000 DOM
ITO Phase I – €0.10 per DOM (Starts at 03.09.2018) 125,000,000 DOM
ITO Phase II – €0.15 per DOM 125,000,000 DOM
ITO Phase III – €0.20 per DOM 125,000,000 DOM
ITO Phase IV – €0.25 per DOM 125,000,000 DOM
Minimum purchase during public sale 100 DOM
Founders / Team / Advisors 200,000,000 DOM
Airdrop / Referral Program / Bounties / Bonuses 100,000,000 DOM
Soft cap € 2,500,000
Hard cap € 92,500,000

Dominium  Undoubtedly the project has chosen the actual sphere – real estate. Given that the team members have been doing it for a long time, the project has a very good chance of becoming a global platform for property trade. For the security of investors will work program to redeem the tokens by the company, which will provide a stable price for the platform token.

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