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Dominium  – Dear friends, welcome everyone on your blog! We will discuss how Dominium implements blockchain technologies in the decentralized real estate industry, as well as talk about the details of ITO.
The main problem of the global real estate market is that obsolete technology is used for their operation, which in turn are very limited because they are subject to regulation by the agents and financial institutions. Language and financial constraints also strongly affect the market and could make it a very profitable but it is very often difficult to access.
Dominium  is a decentralized, regulated, real estate financing, property listing, and real estate management platform. It is an international platform on which normative documentation for property financing is standardized and assets are placed on blockchain along with real estate sales, rental, and management.
 The Dominium platform is based on blockchain Ardor. The newest network with decentralized trade in assets and rental agreements, purchase agreements, property management tasks and more on the blockchain. After obtaining the necessary normative licenses, this will allow companies to create legal assets with standardized documentation (provided by Dominium legal groups), which can be purchased by account holders Dominium. Assets created on blockchain will be fully transparent, and asset tokens will be sold on the Dominium platform, which will make them more liquid.
 The centralized real estate management system proves to be inefficient and erroneous, mainly because many intermediaries receive one transaction. This not only complicates the situation but also lengthens the process and increases transaction costs. Investors cannot easily enter the market because the bars for entry are high. Moreover, potential investors, buyers, and tenants cannot rely entirely on registration registers because of many inaccuracies. Since all this is rooted because of the centralized system, there seems to be no better choice but to decentralize. And that’s what comes to mind when you say, “decentralize.”
 Dominium is guaranteed by the organization of property assets generating income and ensuring the future development and maintenance of the platform. Dominium  will use two types of tokens. The Tyke-chain token is called the DOM, and Users pay Commission for transactions in Dominium through this token, making it a utility token.
 Standardized, norm-compliant assets created at Dominium will become secondary markers as they will represent real estate funds, securities, credit memos, project financing, etc., and as such are tokens Security.
ITO Details
 Start Pre-ITO on August 15 and continue until August 30, 2018
 Start ITO September 3 and will last until December 31, 2018
 Token name-DOM
 Platform-Ardor
 Token price Pre-ITO-1 DOM = 0.05 EUR
 Token price ITO-1 DOM = 0.25 EUR
 Soft Cap-2.5 million EUR
 Hard Cap-92.5 million EUR
 Country-Netherlands
 Dominium team, all of its employees work for the benefit of the company and are always ready to help in any matter. For now, when we talk about ICO projects, this fact is very important.

 All the prototypes made by the Dominium development team are open access, and now you can read and try this system.
 The leaders of this project huge experience in doing the business of this kind and Dominium, certainly waiting for success.
 Dominium participates in various crypto, blockchain forums, conclude serious contracts.
 After reading this blog, you will surely have questions. Be sure to ask them in the official sources of Dominium:

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