Earth Token Cryptocurrency Operating On the Natural Capital Assets Blockchain Platform

Earth Token is a cryptocurrency operating on the Natural Capital Assets blockchain platform to provide technologies in sustainable development. Natural Capital Assets are assets that are developed for the purpose of reducing climate change, global warming, improving our environment thereby creating a sustainable environment. impactChoice has been the leading provider of responsible for providing Natural Capital Assets since 2009.

Already not news anymore that the whole world needs to focus on clean energy and greener. The use of fossil fuels to get electric power, cutting down of trees as a result of industrialization and urbanization have negatively impact our environment so far. Some negative impacts include the thinning of the ozone layer, global warming, acid rain, the rise in sea level due to the melting of polar ice in the area, to name a few. Sustainable solutions need to be provided. This is necessary so that our environment can be preserved and the younger generation could be left with a good environment. That is why the impact is to solve environmental problems and improve the environment by creating a sustainable environment.
Cryptocurrency get the reason every day as more and more technology experts, businessmen, and entrepreneurs joined a fast-moving train from a thriving currency that its potential has yet to be exploited fully. Arguments about how long kriptourrency been there still haven’t come to a conclusion; However, it only gained popularity around the time when the first decentralization cryodocurrency was launched in 2009.

Cryptocurrencies working on a platform called Blockchain. Let’s use an example that is similar. Just as the money is deposited into a bank, crypto is money while blockchain and other similar technologies is the bank. The difference between blockchain and conventional banks is that the decision of the bank’s policy and Government agencies can affect the transaction (usually there are third parties involved); However, it does not affect the crytocurrency because it will eliminate the involvement of a third party. In addition, while the money is deposited into the bank is something we can touch and feel, Cryptococcus are digital, nothing can be felt.
In currencies, the U.S. dollar, as the transaction is handled either through the exchange of cash or by wire transfer. This Electronic Transfer is managed by major banks which we believe to keep money safe and our honest transactions.

To create a crypto-kurrensi, we first have to take the responsibility to record transactions from the bank and manage it themselves. The first step is to make a large payment of other people’s books to others. This great Book will keep track of who owes whom and record everyone’s payments to each other.
The next step is to deter people from cheating by adding a transaction in which one party does not agree. One easy way to solve that problem is to ask the second person to sign the payment in the transaction. Each participant can add “digital signatures” them by using a public key/private locking so that everyone knows that the transaction was legitimate.
Who is the owner of the big book In the traditional system of currency, the bank will defend it, but we ought to build a currency that does not need the banks. Instead, each person has their own big book, and all transactions are published so that everyone update their big book at the same time.
In this way, each person can safely exchange money without worrying about whether people who handle it can be trusted. Rather than trust the central bank or Government to ensure our transactions, we can use cryptography to force everyone to play fair.

Cryptocrurrency Token the Earth will provide the following to all Ministers of his interests:
-Provide a platform that is free, open, transparent and universally accessible connecting manufacturers with buyers of Natural Assets
Eliminate fraud and counting twice the natural Assets
-Providing the seller with a flexible pricing mechanism
Reduce the complexity associated with fiat currency exchange rates
-Eliminate registration fees for buyers and sellers
-Eliminate the needs of, and costs associated with external third party registrars, for buyers and sellers
-Eliminate the needs of buyers to fund the escrow account
-Eliminate the minimum transaction volume
-Result in reduced transaction costs
-Fulfillment & settlement simultaneously which reduces the lead time is currently
-Allow penyematan Natural Assets directly to products and/or services
-Enable universal access to the investment projects of natural assets, creating long-term sustainable returns, tailored to risk, for all participants

What is the token of the Earth?
The Earth is a crypto Token that generates revenue that was developed based on Ethereal as a token Blockchain ERC20. This allows shareholders to generate income through transaction fees and sales of environmentally sustainable service to the buyer in Exchange blockfain platform natural assets. The holder of the token the Earth paying the Bill into their wallet every week. This Income is generated in the form of bitcoin/ether and other supported crypto generated through payment system and exchangers crypto. In the near future, impactChoice will include income-generating function further.

How Earth Token work?
As has been discussed previously, Earth is a crypto Token that is used as a medium of Exchange. What is given in place of the Token the Earth is a service and technology environmental sustainability. Platform where all transactions associated with the Earth will last is the platform Token blockchain Natural Assets Exchange.
The stakeholders include investors and its impact will be invested into the project. While stakeholders are involved in the purchase and sale of environment-friendly technologies, impactChoice ensure that the platform that buyers and sellers meet free of cheating, a flexible price to the buyer and the service was very good given to everyone’s satisfaction.
Unlike conventional business where to register a new business can spend a little money, a Natural Asset blockchain Exchnage platform will allow the environmentalists and other sellers do this without any cost. Moreover, Government legislation and regulations that affect conventional business transaction can not affect on this platform.

Earth Line Token
23 October: Pre sales Earth Token (ICO) started at 12:00GMT
October 30th: Sale Token of Earth began at 12:00GMT
20 November: the sale of Tokens ended, except the total number of tokens were sold out in advance.
The Plan Of Allocation Of The Token The Earth
Maximum Purchase- Earth’s Token 1 billion (1 billion)
Minimum Purchase- 0.0625 BTC/1 ETH

Pre-sold 5,200 per 0.0625 BTC/1 Bonus ETH (30%)
Week 1 4,800 per 0.0625 BTC/1 ETH (Bonus 20%)
Week 2 4,400 per 0.0625 BTC/1 ETH (Bonus 10%)
3 4,000 per week 0.0625 BTC/1 ETTH
9. Allocation of the Token and the Fund

The Allocation Of The Token
60% token will be sold to the public.
40% is divided among service providers to 3rd party logistics Token Token Sale, Sale and technology platform partners, founders, stakeholders, advisory, the initial contributor, the Earth, creation of Token backup market, liquidity, incentives for contractors and supplier.
The level of emissions of 50% at the time of distribution, the next 25% every 6 months.


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