EcoVerse – Blockchain Platform For Daily Usability Embracing Ubuntu Economy

EcoVerse – Today I have in the review another promising blockchain project originally from South Korea. Well as the project is a full-fledged blockchain of the new generation which is capable to process up to 1 million transactions per second (Bitcoin and did not dream). Ecoverse is the world’s first self-contained blockchain platform. Its main goal is to solve the problem of daily use and universal implementation, improving the transaction time, security and mutual work of the structural blocks.

According to since about various blockchains I wrote quite a lot, I suggest not to pull the cat for… Well, you understand. Let’s go straight to the benefits of Ecoverse. Ecoverse Features
The future behind a hybrid blockchain

In a recent article, I have already described the possible uses of a hybrid blockchain, so I will not dwell on this in detail. I’ll only point out that Ecoverse will support 2 coins: ECX and ECR. ECR we can buy for fiat money, ECR we will be able to pay for goods and services inside the platform. To purchase ECR we will have to go through KYC and AML or buy it on the stock exchange, possibly with the same procedures.

All ECR transactions within Ecoverse and outside the platform will be fully tracked from destination to recipient. ECR is an ERC 20 standard token and will be released on the Ethereum blockchain.

ECX is a utility token of the platform. will be charged as payment for transactions, purchase of additional services and products. ECX-Anonymous token. In fact, the transactions will also be tracked, but the data will be encrypted. The addresses are anonymous.

It is such a hybrid organization blockchain today is most in demand. For doing business, state. Bodies and, in part, private individuals sometimes require full publicity, which will provide ECR. For some purposes that do not fall under the mandatory visibility category, you will be able to use ECX.

Blocks do not compete but interact
Why is the transaction rate of some cryptocurrency slow as snails? The whole reason is in the competitive blocks, which are either taken by the miners in processing or are put aside. Ecoverse makes a blockchain interaction when each unit is interested in passing the next one. This will bring the speed of the new blockchain to a new level and do not require expensive equipment for transaction processing.

Adaptable applications and intuitive simplicity When we talk about blockchain and switching to it for business, we mean the staff of programmers and high costs. EcoVerse  wants to destroy this order of things. Now the tools that will be provided to application developers will not simply simplify the task, and build the necessary application in a few clicks!

There will also be a test environment, where anyone can test their new application to interact with users and other applications on the network. And this is not all the functions of the revolutionary blockchain from Ecoverse. More with all, you can get acquainted with the WhitePaper project, and we move on to ICO, which is now in full swing.

ICO Ecoverse
So, it will be released 2.5 billion ECR. Soft-CAPA No, hard-cap-full sale (525 million ECR). 1 ECR will roughly be equal to 0.002 ETH So, we have a rather ambitious project that is able to improve the idea of blockchain not only in the crypto community but also people who have not been particularly interested in them before. All new trends have been reflected in the ecoverse to the fullest extent.

EcoVerse looks promising enough. So I will follow the project not only until the May 2019 year (namely for this period is scheduled to end ICO), but also further. Unless, of course, the team does not leave its goals. By the way, there are 3 well-known people in the Ecoverse team for the crypto industry, so I hope for a positive implementation.

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