eGold Aims to Unite eSports Betting Enthusiasts All Around The World

eGold Cryptocurrencies take over the world of betting where eSports growing significantly at an exponential rate every year with the number of followers, and her fans. Instant cheap deals is something the world needs betting for a very long time and crypto in crucial will definitely fix it. Combine that with high computer experience of people involved in making eSports eSports wagering and a cross between a Cryptocurrencies fit. Aware of this need, UltraPlay was one of the first providers adopt the technology of bitcoin on the online gaming industry, allowing operators iGaming, which entails significant advantages from technology blockchain to give it to their players for transactions faster and more secure.

We started this trip back in 2012, where we laid the foundations for a bet and altcoin Bitcoin today. Casino sites, our Bit777, Bitcoin offers the combination of this unique online casinos with security Cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. Criptourrency-based betting site our other, Peerbet, also provides a platform for interaction, raffle, games ‘ proprietary ‘ wheel, Craps, and many more. We take this successful product and sell it to be focused on providing opportunities for communities betting sports and eSports in General. We continue to maintain the root and ensure that all of our properties and developments include the option to bet with Bitcoin and you can always see the logo “We Love Bitcoin” on all sites in-house and partners. We have taken it one step further and offer a special preset options for users who choose Bitcoin as the currency of their account, namely registration initially require only email, user name and password.

With the evolution of technology Blockchain, we decided to set our goals higher to improve the way the online betting is done and felt by the offender. How to safely and quickly came together with the mission to create a bet experience easy and fun for users. This will embrace the technology of cutting from the world of Cryptocurrencies
The vision and goal of our project is based on the practice of many years as the leading eSports wagering solutions company. We know from experience what is important to users of our software solutions is part of gamer, the bettor’s part, and crypto fans section. We are not afraid of the unknown or untested. Actually we are  and will continue to do so. UltraPlay was the first person who offers wagering eSports, initially with CS: GO and DOTA 2. UltraPlay was also the first serves exotic bets that are customized for eSports (as most numerous kills, the winner of the second map, first blood, the number of headshots etc.) And recently we were the first people to make bets on the Overwatch and King of Glory, as well as direct stakes in the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

There are now two new obstacles are looming on the horizon. The lack of transparency and inadequate security at this time are two major industrial problem, however token eGold is the best solution for both. eGold is ethos based on ERC20. As Crypto token, any transaction with it will be recorded in blockchain, so anytime anywhere the customer can review it, which actively resolve the issue of transparency.

On the other hand, the blockchain function ensures that each bet ever placed totally safekeeping-cannot be deleted, it cannot be denied, it cannot be restricted, your stock is locked until the match ends and benefit will automatically paid thanks to smart contracts.
The Mission of eGold
eGold is:
Decentralized and automated
Transparent and secure
The innovative payment method

To completely describe the potential presented here, we are happy to present two use cases to illustrate that eGold current market opportunities. Bottom line, we envision eGold as unifying all eSports gaming community and around the world. As a result, eGold will be integrated in our newest site buff88. com as soon as possible.

Following its mission to provide innovative and sophisticated betting solutions, a team of professionals UltraPlay once again set the standards of his new and aims to provide in the near future the first eSports wagering platform, based on the technology of Blockchain. This vision is expected to be achieved through the constant support and the combined knowledge, experience and dedication of the experts and fans of eSports and crypto, fans and actors-involved deeply and actively contribute to the gaming community and global crypto. Aware of the problems that exist today in the market today-the lack of transparency and inadequate security, we are committed to working with the entire community interested in our project to create a disturbing and betting platform go further into the world of online gaming. Achieving decentralised nature of our platform will make it the ultimate solution for all players who are looking for cutting edge technology and pure entertainment-quickly and easily.

Almost all betting sites eSports still influenced by the formulation of a hospitality web site display, experience, and design bets. Buff88 will be conceptually designed from the very beginning the idea of core importance to the specific characteristics of eSports.

A test version of the whole open web site will be available shortly before the sale began to crowd everyone started having together with the cutting performance and excellence eSport layout. One example of what to expect: Buff88 will offer a choice of three unique layout and unique-an overview, the look of the show, and Multiview-for the match and the game inplay.

After the sale is completed, the token will encourage Buff88 eGold as its internal currency, which lets users deposit, bet, and withdrew from the website through smart contract with eGold token only. In the third such operation you can only get the benefits of using eGold. And this is how we strive to achieve our goal to get to experience the superior bet:
Blockchain betting ideas and goals we want to achieve for the future, is to provide fully betting based on blockchain technology. The plan is to be able to accept bets through smart contracts, beginning with receiving your bet, then lock the amount of bets to prevent double spending, and finally automatically credit the victories you soon After the match results available, collected through the various official sources. The House will be in accordance with each bet and will allow a much higher stakes than can be accepted at this time by the pool or peer to peer model. There is no longer a decrease or bets that stuck, no more waiting for weeks to get Your victory, after you win the bet, Your eGold victory added to your account balance.
Depositing – the amount deposited would directly arrive at the user account and the transaction will be automatically added to a great book that is distributed for optimum security. No more trouble with payment solutions like bank transfer which is lost or delayed. eGold will be ready to use at the time of deposit.
Withdrawing – the number of withdrawal would be linked to the amount of eGold wallet you immediately and you can transfer it to another site or exchanging them with other currencies (crypto). There are no more pending withdrawal with weeks and weeks at a time, there is no limit on the amount of the withdrawal or limitation of method of payment. You just ask for a withdrawal and the amount requested (if any) is automatically drawn.

With a distribution network of the main betting market in UltraPlay and emerging online market such as Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, potentially becoming the first choice of eGold crypto for the trading community eSports.

Network clients, partners, and supporting organizations that are established there by UltraPlay aims to strengthen overall ecosystem with the nature interfere with eGold. As a pioneer in the market of gambling Bitcoin, UltraPlay has managed to build a positive reputation is solid and has a strong position in a global scale.

This makes us believe that our innovative ideas for the future of betting will encourage more online gaming operators to join the growing number of supporters and users of technology Blockchain.We have also initiated and conducted research on the web site, by using the solutions we bet, to gather the Bitcoin opinions about how eGold will be felt among our player database, how it is expected evolve, what is to be done by our team to improve the process of betting, and enhance the idea of a new crypto dedicated to eSports wagering. The study stated that 30% of respondents expressed their positive opinions about the new crypto and says that it is the potential to achieve its mission and used by them because of its disturbing. Players who use the Bitcoin has experienced an extraordinary feature of the latest technologies and are willing to try alternative sophisticated time bet. The idea behind that eGold is to unite all gamers around the world via technology Blockchain and this is the basis of the respondents to express their support to the project overall.

After the successful launch of the success of the main site Buff88, we plan to bring the network client UltraPlay to eGold, which currently consists of more than 40 leading iGaming operators. Preliminary discussions with our clients has shown promise, with them looking forward faster, easier and more secure bet. Our next goal is to spread the technology platform of Blockchain eGold online gaming platform to the other.

It’s obvious that eGold potentially crashing ground running with large scale adoption of this kind in the gaming community. In community gaming eSports and Word of mouth are very important to the success of a project. So, combining the speed and security of eGold will quickly become seamlessly across the border. We will start direct community involvement in the sale of the crowd with a variety of programs for content contributors, proponents of social media and Ribbon eSports.

Crowdsale eGold will fund the development and adoption of a first.
Participation in the crowdsale will only happen currency ETH and BTC, and will occur through smart contract Ethereum, with smart contracts audited.

We’re proud to announce that eGold have involved WINGS Foundation to efficiently provide price and promote the event crowdsale eGold to the maximum number of participants. WINGS dapp running Ethereum allows thousands of members to review projects that do fundraising who provide feedback and assessment through artificial intelligence supported by the crypto expert crowd. WINGS will allow the team to offer eGold fundraising with better to maximize the number of potential contributors and make sure the same adoption and wide to gamers around the world.

So, we chose a longer sales period to ensure the best distribution for eGold.Selling eGold token will commence on January 21, 2018. Sale token will soon end after the hard cap is reached or on February 25, 2018-which of the conditions are met first.
Hard cap: 25,000 ETH
1ETH = 88 EGL
Regular price in crowdsale are set to = 88 1ETH EGL.
The first day of the sale will be eGold POWER DAY, which offers 1ETH = 106 EGL (20% bonus).
After the first day was finished, there was a price rise again for the first two weeks (six days left in the first week), during POWER WEEK 1ETH = 97 EGL (bonus 10%).
After the end of the week to power until the end of the crowd, the price will be the regular price 1ETH = 88 eGold.
Abbreviation: EGL tokens
After the end of the sale of the token when the token is registered on a different stock, the index for her is EGL.
The token will be transferred immediately after crowdsale.
The total number of tokens that eGold 8,888,888 is printed.
25% of all tokens that are created will be sold at token sales eGold
10% of all tokens will be dedicated to the swimming team of eGold to ensure long-term involvement with the project
6% of all tokens will be dedicated to eGold advisers to ensure the long-term
involvement with the project
20% of all tokens will be placed in cold storage as a contingency reserve
2% of all tokens will be set aside for activities in the program the gift of eGold
2% of the total of token will be heading to the WINGS DAO to give awards to participants in forecasting
15% of all the token required to meet our marketing budget
20% of all tokens for the development budget

The Allocation Of The Fund’s Token

The funds collected in the sale will be held at eGold wallet multi-signature Gnosis for full security. EGold funding increased over the crowdsale will be distributed in accordance with the chart below:
20% Betting Reserve-to ensure a smooth process of bookmaking and betting are really unlimited at an early stage we need a backup bet big enough in order to have enough liquidity to pay automatically from all the winning bets.
30% of development-we need to get the best staff to ensure the development of smart contracts for deposits and withdrawals. After that, our focus will be to extend the block elements with integrated FIRE bet. This is mostly a fund to ensure that the right talent will be interested in the project.
40%-Marketing In the early stages of eGold, we require a substantial marketing budget to ensure mass adoption, great coverage and brand recognition. Promote eGold and promote eSports go hand in hand, so our marketing efforts will be beneficial for society since the beginning.
A team of 10%-the smallest part of the funds are for the team behind the project of eGold. To ensure full alignment of interests until the final stage of the project we will share these funds into four parts. Each quarter the teams will get 25% and the remaining funds will remain in escrow accounts – for example after the end of the sale of 25% will be removed and 75% will be rushed, three months after that 25% more will be divided among team members.


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