EGRETIA Building a Decentralized HTML5 User Ecosystem

EGRETIA  Platform activity is optimized for the gaming industry. To date, many application developers want to block them, but sometimes it may not be possible based on lack of time or skills. The platform’s functionality helps many game creators get quick and secure access to BLOCKCHAIN. Thus, using the basic technology of the project, it will be possible to block the application by using simple HTML code.

As already mentioned, the project cooperates with leading companies. This has enabled a proven method of work to be implemented in order to achieve the highest results. This method is used among a billion mobile applications. The Egret method was built into the platform network operation. This implies that all games within the platform can get easy access to the block package technology. By using this method users can not only work within the network Egretia, but also in the future to receive benefits from the network Jefiriuma, etc.

Benefits for Game content developers
Using the functionality of the Egretia project, creators of game applications can produce new products quickly and reliably. This will use a set of modern tools. Each application will be attached to a single block chain project, which will be used as a method of exchanging values.

The functionality of the project implies the presence of:
 Distribution unit of assembly and storage of information
 Game content allocation
 Block for digital asset trading
 Marketing part of the project Otvechajushheju for advertising purposes.

Thus, the use of the Egretia project will be convenient and useful for all parties involved in the sphere of digital games. Application creators, players, providers, and marketing companies will interact within the same network. The guarantee of reliability and transparency of the network will be blockchain. This technology provides equal rules for all participants in the process.
The first component of the project mentioned above will work through the use of blockchain-based codes. They can be used to store information within a decentralized network, which will provide it with the highest degree of security. By the way, the distribution unit refers to cloud technologies within the network.

Innovations and Prospects
The information within the Egretia platform, following the new standards, can be transferred much faster between users and will be stored in a more secure environment. The smart contract will be a kind of mediator in the implementation of the main actions in the network. This also applies to games designed to connect many users at the same time. The platform itself is an official activity. All processes will run as part of a single application with a decentralized work type. Access to a variety of games is not everything that offers the functionality of the network. Users will also be able to conduct cash transactions and receive rewards. The latter will be accrued not only for direct participation in the game process but also for the popularization of applications in social accounts.

Features of Egretia network users:
 Creation of game content and transfer of digital assets without intermediaries and high commissions
 Work with advertising, create ads and quickly manage them
 Access to a variety of different game applications and receive rewards in digital currency for special achievements
 Support for developers by the project team
 The ability to use advanced software to create your own Content and the availability of safe conditions for its further use and promotion.
A single token will be presented in the Egretia Project network, which will be used, among other things, to accrue rewards to users.

Egretia Platform Developers
EGRETIA The project itself is a group of influential and experienced people who previously had access to work with similar platforms.
This gives an opportunity to look at the platform as a project, which has every chance to get into the top on the leading stock exchanges soon. And this will increase the popularity of not only the project, but also its internal currency. The team of developers is known for four major individuals. From their profiles, we learn that they have experience as managers of top platforms and long time engaged in business. Moreover, they have a lot of experience in working with programming technologies in world-class companies. Many games, which they worked on, have already gained wide acceptance, so we can expect that the developers will connect the best in one project, the name of which-Egretia.

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