EGRETIA Creating an Ecosystem With True Token Circulation

EGRETIA – HTML is a programming language in which all Web resources are written, i.e. sites, games and other services. HTML5 allows developers to implement large-scale projects, make games more technological, beautiful, interesting, introduce new functionality into them. The Egret Technology platform has been implementing this language for 4 years. Now together with the platform Egretia they create an innovative project using blockchain.   

What is Egretia?  
Egretia is the world’s first blockchain engine and platform for creating HTML5 games. This is a new project from Kripital, which earlier launched the following popular ICO: · Arc block (the value of tokens has now increased 3 times);
· Cybermiles (the price for one coin has become higher in 7-10 times).    
The project will bring to the world blockchain more than 200 000 developers and 1 billion devices that would actively use their application.     
In general, we plan to implement six platforms: · For distribution of games (users will be able not only to play, but also to make payments by means of tokens EGT, and to receive awards, using mechanism of Proof-of-Game);
· Virtual trading platform (a peculiar exchange of virtual goods);
  · Advertising platform (adapted for targeted advertising);
  · Incubator (serves for technical support of both teams-developers, and indie-developers, establishes connections between them and players);
  · Data storage platform (will use nodes blockchain for decentralized storage and data exchange);
  · System for developers (increasing the capabilities and efficiency of blockchain-creators of games and applications).   

What problems does Egretia solve?   
Despite the active development of HTML5, there are a number of problems that Egretia plans to address the use of blockchain technology: 
1. Lack of a global, unified and secure platform for payment; 
2. Insecure storage of tokens in payment applications; 
3. Lack of effective protection mechanisms for intellectual property; 
4. The need for an effective system to motivate HTML5 application developers to create a quality product.    
The advantages of blockchain and HTML5 technology by complementing each other will create an absolutely safe and maximum productive ecosystem. As a result, Dapp applications will function on the basis of this system, which can be created in a very short time.    
Among the main advantages of the platform can be distinguished: high transaction speed (in the test mode it will reach 2 000 per second), simple and convenient tools for self-development of applications.    
It should also be noted that all changes in the system settings will occur in real time, through a vote based on consensus. ICO terms in ICO Egretia will not be able to participate representatives of two countries: China and the USA. In total, 8 billion EGT was released. For sale, only 39% of the total amount, i.e. 3.12 billion tokens, are displayed. The remaining coins are distributed as follows: · The fund is 27% (2.16 billion EGT); 
 · Partners – 14% (1.12 billion EGT); 
· The development team and advisors are 20% (1.6 billion EGT).  
In this case, the payment for tokens is accepted only in cryptocurrency Ethereum. 
Pre-sale coins started on April 30, the minimum purchase at this stage is 100 eth, that is, 84 000 EGT. The maximum you can buy tokens for the amount of 100 eths.    
The main stage of cryptocurrency sale starts on May 26, 2018. The minimum purchase amount will be equal to 0.1 eth, which equates to 70 000 EGT.     
Road Map The system is currently being tested for performance and functional testing. The first applications of Egretia blockchain will be launched already in the third quarter.     
In 2019 it is planned to finish work on a digital purse for the cryptocurrency, gaming, trading and advertising platforms. 
The final version of the system will be published only in the second quarter of 2020.     
Partners The company has 13 main partners, helping to develop and promote the project. Three organizations can be labeled as key companions: Egret Technology, Guojin CAPITAL, Lomostar.      
Egret Technology is the property of the founders of the platform and is engaged in HTML5 projects.     

The well-known Guojin CAPITAL Fund is investing in Egretia. Previously, they invested their funds in the development of other products from Kripital. In general, they have more than 30 projects in their portfolio.    
Lomostar is the developers of the game to find envelopes with virtual currency tokens in the real world.   
The team of the development team consists of 4 people and is one of the strongest in planning HTML5 platforms. It is already creating its third platform, as a result of which they are able to promote their ICO and develop in fact popular and quality projects. Those systems which are already working, give the investor’s apostrophe, increasing thus their profit.      
The author’s opinion the company Egret has been working on the HTML5 platform for a long time and they have every chance to successfully integrate blockchain technology into their applications. Especially considering that the gaming industry is now increasingly moving to the blockchain. This technology has great potential to improve gaming and create a universal and user-safe system.  

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