eInc DApp is a Smart Contract With Inbuilt Protocols to Eun a Organization

EINC – Etherinc or Einc are designed to create unique protocols for creating, managing, and running decentralized applications and organizations. The aim of this solution is to enable entrepreneurs around the world to create and manage decentralized companies that have no restrictions, costs and cross-border intermediaries. This collaborative approach will help to increase the value of the product and increase the company’s trust and sustainability. Etherinc intends to be available worldwide for entrepreneurs where they need this important service.

How is the etheric work?
Creation, management, and operation of the organization can be complicated by long documents, visits to banks, legal difficulties, unnecessary costs and intermediaries and third parties, which artificial restrictions.

We create a passion for teams around the world to create, manage and manage a more credible and credible decentralized democratic organization, allowing for the creation of effective values without borders, limitations and Costly intermediaries.

Offer type

● Publish shares
● Investment
● Establish funds
● Sale of shares
● Appoint the Director general
● Director General for Fire Safety
● Payment/Salary
● Renaming the law
Voting rules
Operating proposal
● Close Einc
● Add participant
● Delete participant
● Change participant role
● Add new role
● Choose an offer
● Run the Offer

Better, faster, safer and cheaper

We decided to go the other way from Jefiriuma:

Reduce lock time from 15 to 6
Seconds, which increases: Network transactions per second with 2.5 X.
Transaction confirmation Level-2, 5x
. Award Miner’s 2.5 x.
Removed the uncle of the prize.
Implementation of limited inventory for mine coins.

This makes blockchain einc faster than Ethereum and provides better scaling while maintaining decentralization.

Einc is produced as a fork of the Ethereum unit with the protection of playback and therefore has all the capabilities of the Ethereum circuit with some of our additional improvements.

Etherinc managed to create a so-called comprehensive abstract grounding level consisting of a chain of blocks with a built-in programming language. This means that anyone in the ecosystem can create intelligent contracts, as well as other decentralized applications where they can set their own ownership rules, state transition functions, and transaction formats. This platform will be very useful for creating decentralized applications, especially in situations where employers are looking for rapid development time, and the different features of the application interact effectively.


Pre-sale ICO: 05/07/18
Pre-sale ICO: 05/15/18
Start of sales ICO: 05/25/18
Sale of ICO Ends: 06/25/18
Coin symbol: ETI
Total stock of Coins: 997 528 142 ETI
Number of coins in mint: 450 000 000 ETI
Elimination of initial costs and running enterprises

As mentioned above, all the costs and hassles around the launch made many dreams miss. Etherin eliminates all legal, operational, and financial requirements to create a new run. To run your company, all you have to do is first choose a name and you can set up your company-block-network. You can then add the founding members and then start assigning roles to your team.

As part of your team’s creation, ETHERINC allows you to issue shares to your constituent team with a unique voting power based on percentages. This allows you to freely distribute property rights without Borders, which allows you to involve different experts in your company. You can also define how certain activities in your company are initiated or resolved by creating a smart contract.

In the case of cooperation, Etheric offers a sound platform where business owners can create a company proposal for voting. The voting process is carried out in a very safe way that cannot be forged. The received proposals can then be entered into intellectual contracts, and payments will be initiated only after all conditions of the contract are fulfilled.

Another known way in which Etherinc intends to spur business to grow on its platform is to provide a new protocol for crowdfunding. By using token tokens, you can collect funds to grow your company from anywhere in the world.

In addition to what has already been stated, you will be professionally assisted in investing, releasing stocks, salaries, selling stocks, managing fire, voting rules, prompt offer and adding and removing members.

All you have to do to achieve this completely new level of development for your company is to download Dapps. These applications work much faster than others, thanks to the etherinc blockchain technology. Moreover, the prices are lower due to this fact. So welcome to the new era of your management!

EINC The Etherinc summary is simply a smart project created to create a protocol for managing, managing, and managing various applications in decentralized organizations. The main goal to provide businessmen around the world the opportunity to create and manage companies, free from restrictions, expensive dealers and traders abroad. Everyone in the world will be able to create smart contracts in which they can manage their own formats and policies of State security policy. This platform is useful for creatively decentralized organizations, all the difficulties and costs are eliminated-all you have to do is to choose the company name and create it.

Website: https://einc.io
Whitepaper: https://cdn.einc.io/assets/files/einc_whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eIncHQ
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/eincofficial
Telegram : http://t.me/eincHQ

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