ELLCRYS Blockchain for Trustless, Censorship-resistant Software Development

ELLCRYS –  a network for creating and managing an open and decentralized organization consisting of a distributed global collaborators who work together to build software products and services . Block network offers the Ellcrys integrate Git [1] to allow collaborators to build software collectively and from anywhere. Anyone can create or join a project, contribute and get compensation from the network with a coin.

Contract community describe the entity that allows one or more collaborators to build open source organization that offers software products and services such as web site, APIs, smart contracts, packages, frameworks etc. Collaborators push and pull codes to and from the network, perform the function of governance by creating, approving the proposal and receive compensation from the network.
Ellcrys was in the mission to create an ecosystem of open source collaboration places exceed contributions over a period of free or free time where collaborators can build open source companies that may be adopted, so as to enable them spend more time to build a great product and increase openness. source ecosystem

The purpose of the network is not as the Ellcrys to be decentralized network to another with the intention of making the centralization is irrelevant — the Ellcrys is not anti-centralization. Blockchain technology utilizing the Ellcrys to provide and implement transparency between collaborators, owner of the node and the Ellcrys organization.

The community of Ellcrys requires mechanisms to achieve agreement on topics or issues surrounding the operation. The model employed by the Ellcrys is a Voting scheme Proposal/Approval where contributors make a proposal and request the approval of other editors.

Contract community building software products that are intended to be accessed from a browser or web services can implement and compose the structure of their project to compile and run by centralized cloud hosting platform that supports buildpacks and host host Ellcrys.

Plan Sales Budget & Token
Researching and developing the above idea will need the money. Although, the current team have given a lot of time and money to research and develop prototypes for various components, we need additional funding to continue. For this purpose, we will organise several sales sets the token. During the Pre-Sale, the token will be issued on a system of our own wallets. After the sale of the primary token, we will issue the token the ERC20 will be exchanged for tokens main network when it launches. This will be the swap 1:1.

Pre-Sale will be available to the public and will take place over the next 8 weeks. Is targeted at supporting original project Ellcrys and includes a bonus 30% maximum.

Pre-sale release date: 1 February 2018
Pre-sale ends: April 1, 2018
Duration: 8 weeks
ELL is available: 800 million
Price: $0.1/ELL
The token is not sold will be available for purchase in the sale of the primary token. Here’s a bonus structure for pre-order Sale.

Week 1:30%
Week 2:20%
Sunday 3:10%
Week 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8:5%
Token Sale (ICO)
Primary token sales event will take place 6 months after the Pre-Sale. The purchase will include a bonus of up to 30%.

The launch date of Sale: 1 Token June 2018
Pre-sale ends: 1 July 2018
Duration: 4 weeks
ELL is available: 900 million
Price: $0.35/ELL
The token is not sold will be equally divided to offer in Exchange for mining deposits and universal. Here’s a bonus structure for Sale Token.

Week 1:30%
Week 2:20%
Sunday 3:10%
Sunday 4:5%

lcrys platform is perfect for any business developers and designers in complete with sharing features and convenience for customers and in the very estimate has the age of long term business. Platform Ellcrys in form with a team consisting of some very clever people who are experienced and have a high flying hours and supported by media Track, Bitcointalk, Desk, Token Coin Gecko, Cryptoslate, Smith + Crown. with that we hope you and your investors soon followed and joined the Ellcrys felt Platfonrm variety convenience has been provided in each feature

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