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ELYQD – Hello to the whole community especially to investors who are trying to simplify their lives with cryptography. You have heard of other important projects and problems such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ico, Blockchain, kryptonite; This time I present to you a wonderful project that you will love.        
What is ELYQD?
ELYQD Marketplace is a platform designed to allow anyone to create online stores that use the most advanced technology in e-commerce, including the ability to pay for the tokens produced by Vaper and cryptocurrency elyqd. 
This report is a comprehensive collection of various aspects of the electronic cigarette industry, including market dynamics, major consortia, regulators, compliance and market details for product types and key locations. Geographical. Market value is an important part of the report; Track here the revenues generated by the sale of cigarettes and related products such as cartridges, refills and electronic liquids through the retail and online channels, to calculate the size of the market is done as you know, the blockchain technology is Introduced more and more throughout the world, gradually penetrating in all areas. The position of cryptocurrency in the world is growing rapidly: the combined market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has more than triaged since the beginning of 2016, reaching almost $150 billion in August 2017. 
The ELYQD platform will allow industrial manufacturers to create online stores that improve. Use the most advanced technology in e-commerce and offer a community of free choice and the ability to pay for products that use platform tokens: LYQD, Fiat or other cryptocurrencies. 
 This platform is designed primarily for manufacturers and consumers worldwide. Each user has the right to create their own online store to sell their products, while ELYQD will provide several platform functions at minimal cost. The platform will also increase the effectiveness of all commercial interactions without intermediaries.  
Smart contract Platform will provide a number of smart contract templates that you’ll use to facilitate the sales mechanism. The peer-to-peer structure adapts perfectly to the decentralized nature of the ELYQD ecosystem and has the advantage of restoring energy to the people involved in the ecosystem. 
ELYQD’s win-win strategy offers an ad-free environment where the only source of influence is the revision of reliable users and properties of verifiable products based on blockchain and business performance. The ecosystem of the platform depends on the consumers, not the dollar’s marketing, to promote the products. ELYQD suppliers benefit from a new direct sales channel where the ELYQD ecosystem is not an intermediary, but a driver support for buyers and sellers. 
 Payment Token token tokens provide a complete “real” system token, similar to money in which tokens are sent and exchanged at different times and for different reasons, based on predetermined rules and events. The blockchain payment process has a much higher potential for high-speed and low-cost transactions. The blockchain is the ideal tool to make e-commerce more efficient and reliable. 
Supply chain management A chain of blocks of a transaction, containing order details and commissions and commissions negotiated in the form of an intelligent contract, will be used to acquire documents, deliveries and return events. and encourage financial regulation with fewer conflict opportunities. All parties have visibility on the transaction and no specific interface between the partners should be negotiated.
 LYQD is a card of Ethereum ERC 20. Integrated with the Intelligent Ethereum contract, it will work as a utility token from a decentralized ELYQD platform. LYQD will act as the underlying fuel that drives all components to be easily achieved by maximizing the benefits by providing the lowest prices in the industry. 
Developers expect the ELYQD token to be accepted as a method of payment in partner services. The LYQD token will not grant the owner of the company to any owner of the rights; Profit division of the company; Participate in the decision making process unless the option is ready to vote.  
   ELYQD has the right to sell tokens LYQD to private investors outside of ELYQD ico during the pre-sale period or the period of ICO.
 Token = lyqd
 Platform = Ethereum
 Type = Preico Price ERC20
 1 lyqd = 0.0024 USD
 Price in ICO 1 LYQD = 0.0024 USD
Investment information
 Minimum investment = 0.1 ETH
 Accept = ETH
 Distributed in ICO = 60%
 Soft Seal = USD 2 million
 Rigid cover = $15 million

Website: https://www.elyqd.world
Whitepaper: https://www.elyqd.world/assets/files/white-paper.pdf
ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4526862.0
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/elyqdcom
Twitter: https://twitter.com/elyqdcom
Telegram: https://t.me/elyqd_world

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