ELYSIAN – E-commerce companies on the market today do not follow the technological developments required by the age. These companies, which use more traditional technology, are likely to disappear in the future. I will tell you today that Elysian is the first E-commerce company to integrate the cryptocurrency market into its own platform. In this way, other businesses will be able to use the Elysian platform to provide services. Consumers can visit the beta version of the Elysian E-commerce store and use any cryptocurrency for access to secure transactions.

Smart contracts to be used on the Elysian platform and blockchain technology are planned to provide a higher level of security in the field of E-commerce. All data will be saved in the blockchain and thus can never be changed, safe and transparent. Through intelligent contracts, it will also allow the platform to be performed in various functions. Using the latest technology, this ecosystem will provide an incredible experience to users. The Elysian Platform aims to revolutionize the E-commerce industry. It will do so by improving security and creating a new, unique user experience. To differentiate Elysian from his competitors, he will use technological advances such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Another plus feature of the Lysian platform is that third-party applications provide the ability to create and host their own platforms. In this way, it will encourage users to use the platform. It is planned to be the E-commerce center of the platform by ensuring that the ecosystem of Elysian ecosystemsis the main base.
Features of the Platform

Security: Users will be provided to create a blockchain technology based e-commerce site. As mentioned earlier, the blockchain technology will maximize the security level. Storing all private data in the blockchain will guarantee that the data will never be broken and secured.

Artificial intelligence: In order to make shopping easier for users on the Elysian platform, artificial intelligence applications will be provided. It will help users to select products, compare them with other products, and navigate easily within the site.

Virtual reality: It will take advantage of virtual reality technology to allow users to see products more conveniently. It allows users to benefit from more realistic visuals about products in a way that has not been done before.

Using with Proof-of-Authority, security will be drawn to higher levels. This platform, which is a competitive pricing method, is designed to be an income model with a 1% fee per transaction. This is very advantageous compared to competitors due to low odds. Among the other plus features of the platform; Users controlled by the Internet can include customization, fast loading time and scalability. Atomic swaps, which are very popular these days, are still planned to be used for this platform.

Scalability is mandatory in an industry that continues to progress rapidly. The Elysian platform is both business and technologically versatile. The ability to cater to a wide range of companies in the E-commerce sector ensures that the platform is profitably implemented. It will also prove the flexibility and reliability of technology to adapt to demands from businesses and to large customer bases.

Ico and Token Information
Elysian Token (ELY) will serve as the primary method for access to transactions on the E-commerce platform. This will be used to facilitate the token transactions that are stored in the private wallet. Allows users to process in a smart, user-friendly application. With Elycoin, it will provide instant, low-cost payment transactions.
 Token Name: ELY
 Platform: Ethereum ERC20
 Sales Dates: 21.05.2018 – 03.06.2018
 Price: 1 token = 0.12
 Softcap: 4 million USD
 Hard cap: 19 million USD
 Accepted Currency: ETH

Conclusion :
This project, which has a highly experienced team, has already passed the Softcap by collecting over $4 million in cash. Therefore, we can say that the project will occur. It has already shown confidence in the project that the investors invested so much. We recommend that you do not hesitate to invest in this project, which we think is bright in its future.

Website: https://elycoin.io
WhitePaper: https://elycoin.io/whitepaper/english
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3333050
Telegram : https://t.me/elysian_ely
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ElysianxELY
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Elysian_ELY

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