EMMARES Considered as Being One of the Most Effective Marketing Tools

EMMARES is a high-quality email content to connect with interested recipients. By making better quality content, low frequency, and content evaluation, emmares presents a new value, the expanded audience for email marketers and less spam with only the desired content to the recipient. Emmares is also called Email Marketing evaluation system, Rewarding highly profitable marketers email (sender) and the recipient of the email (all email users).
By signing up to the EMMARES system, email MARKETERS have the opportunity to reach more target customers who are interested in their content. Because they send content that is well received by their recipients, the existence of a system of emmires the users get the opportunity to use Emmares system to expand coverage and working towards better results and ROI higher. The user will be invested in the pool, which is the base to give the prize to the user in the System Emmares (recipient), which evaluate their content.
As a reward to evaluate the content they receive from various senders and recipients email marketers get a token of the award pool. For each assessment, the recipient of the email (users), receiving the token from email marketers that the contents are evaluated.
Vision Emmares
Emmares vision is to imagine a world in which the content of email marketing has a much higher caliber. With our service, email marketers will be compelled to consistently produce better content from time to time. Reliable evaluation will help all of us to minimize spam. EMMARES will launch a new golden era of email marketing. We would like to email marketing to represent trust and quality in people’s minds.
Mission Emmares
The Mission of Emmares is to create a world free of spam and play a major role in exposing the possibility evaluation of dynamic content delivery systems and smart.
Email marketing is used more than any other digital marketing channels, but its impact is nothing like what it is. This is due in large part to the fact that so much of the content used in email marketing is very low quality. Customers want information offered marketers email but they will not accept low-quality information. By using intelligent service offered by EMMARES, users can finally get content marketing emails according to their standard and tailored for them based on their gender and their territory.
A world where every email received
Less spam.
Quality control.
Reach your target customers.
Get rewards.
Implementation Of Token
The token is a Token EMA ERC20 applied to the Ethereal Blockchain application platform. Ethereum contract for Token EMA and all other contracts written in Solidity. All users EMMARES a decentralized Marketplace will collect their EMA Ethereum’s Wallet.
Email marketers will use EMMARES (EMA) by following this simple
After signing the contract award, the sender pays the amount of coins EMA service charge plus agreed to a special campaign wallet holds the token until the budget is utilized fully.
The receiver evaluates the quality of email content and appreciated by token EMA.
After a helpful tub fully disbursed and/or deadlines have passed, recipients can still review the content providers will not be given the prize of crypto. The rankings are not on blockchain and irrelevant to the combined quality score. In this way, the recipient will be motivated to evaluate content quickly, give their impressions on the content immediately after it is first published. In turn, the publishers will be motivated to provide the optimal feedback to get the relevant quality assessment on the blockchain.
Users will be able to alter the ETH become EMA and vice versa through the exchange of DEX.
Gas and service charges were deployed in each cycle to include transaction blockchain and service costs.
Pre-order sale and Crowdsale
The Symbol Token: EMA
1 EMA = 0.12 USD
Total Supply: 500 million EMA
Softcap: 2 million USD
Hardcap: 22.5 million USD
Pre-order sales: 1 Mar-15 March 2018 2018
ICO: Mar 19, 2018-19 Apr 2018
Token for sale (Pre-ICO and ICO): 255 million EMA
To encourage the development of next-generation EMMARES Email ecosystem would be coming, which has the potential to impact the very positive on the recipient email, Email marketers and Email service providers, token EMA was introduced and is now available for distribution. There are 3 phases in the distribution plans in a private placement with 3 stages, pre-launch stage Distribution and the international distribution (“distribution”).

Website: https://emmares.io
Whitepaper :https://emmares.io/whitepaper.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2807216.0
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/groups/1109245045873390
Twitter : https://twitter.com/emmares_io
Telegram: https://t.me/emmares
My Profile:
My Ethereum Address:

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