EMMARES Email Marketing is Used More Than Any Other Digital Marketing Channel

EMMARES connecting high-quality email content with interested recipients. Encourage better quality content, low frequency, content and evaluation of a fair, EMMARES presents a new value, the expanded audience for marketers email and spam only slightly with the desired content to the recipient. EMMARES-Email Marketing evaluation system System is Rewarding highly profitable marketers email (sender) and the recipient of the email (basically everyone who uses email).
By signing up to the EMMARES system, email MARKETERS have the opportunity to reach more target customers who are interested in their content. Because they send content that is well received by them, they got the opportunity to use EMMARES system to expand coverage and working towards better results and a higher ROI. They invest in outdoor fun, which is the base to give the prize to EMMARES users (Email recipients), which evaluate their content. AN EMAIL

As a reward to evaluate the content they receive from different marketers email (sender), recipients get the token from the pool. For each assessment, the recipient of the email (the user) accept tokens from email marketers that the contents are evaluated.

We envision a world in which the content of email marketing has a much higher caliber. With our service, email marketers will be compelled to consistently produce better content from time to time. Reliable evaluation will help all of us to minimize spam.
EMMARES will launch a new golden era of email marketing. We would like to email marketing represents trust and quality in the minds of the public.
Mission statement
Email marketing is used more than any other digital marketing channels, but its impact is nothing like what it is. This is due in large part to the fact that so much of the content used in email marketing is very low quality. Customers want information offered marketers email but they will not accept low-quality information. By using intelligent service offered by EMMARES, users can finally get content marketing emails according to their standard and tailored for them based on their gender and their territory. Our mission is to make the world free of spam and play a major role in exposing the possibility evaluation of dynamic content delivery systems and smart.
When we look at the methods of modern marketing, email marketing proves to be very effective. ROI over the efforts of an organization can achieve a 3800%, or $38 for every dollar expended. Consider that 77% ROI comes from targeted, segmented campaigns, and triggered. It is the position of the above email marketing. But the reach of email marketing goes far beyond ROI, as we can see by evaluating the statistics from different organizations.
Email address collection process may vary from very basic-where email marketers using simple methods to collect their contact list-with a very sophisticated methods to attract new customers. If marketers buy contact lists, it’s clearly the wrong way to build a business. This resulted in unsolicited mail, which is not only forbidden but produce large quantities of emails sent to people who do not want the information. The receiver is facing a big problem with spam.
To solve this problem is one of the toughest issues in the IT field. Even to this day, we don’t have an effective way to eliminate the inclusion of irrelevant content. The most common way to collect a simple mailing list is through the use of the public directory. This is not the right choice to put together a list of targeted and usually, that kind of email campaign ROI is very low.
For the results of a good email marketing, segmentation and targeting the right is very important because it simply isolates the receiver who may be interested in the content. In the B2B and B2C, 82% of companies use email marketing as their preferred method of communication with customers. Marketing Automation helps them prepare and automate the process to keep the information their customers keep in mind. 95% of companies use marketing automation also utilizes email marketing. The climate in this competition, it is important for marketers to always looking for ways to get results, and as shown by the survey below, 66% of the SMES considered the most important thing here is to improve the quality of the email..

Email has become one of the most widely form of communication used. In today’s world, the email (along with SMS and social media) has replaced traditional letter and regular home phone, which is the mainstay of communication forms a decade ago.
In February, 2017, the Radicati Group estimates the number of email users worldwide reached 3.7 billion and the number of emails sent per day to around 269 billion. The number of emails that were equivalent to almost 2.4 million emails sent each second and about 74 trillion emails sent each year.
In the year 2015, the Radicati Group estimates is 205 billion emails per day. The numbers are just going to keep getting bigger. (Lifewire.com-by Heinz Tschabitscher) Email is faster and easier than ever before. As shown in the statistics collected by email Hubspot.com, giving a value for the sender and the recipient. There is a big difference between email, high-quality and low-quality.
We envision a world where content is highly relevant email marketing. With our service, email marketers and anti-spam provider will be able to produce better content and they will be rewarded for it. EMMARES will take a new golden era of email marketing. We would like to email marketing represents trust and quality in the minds of the public.
Great EMMARES demonstrations will be self healing system based on evaluation of the crowd fill the email message. It is linked with a transparent quality assessment system, which will have information about any relevant email campaigns. To keep it simple: if certain campaigns are not in the block, this means being treated is irrelevant and will not receive the benefits of intelligent service. The system will give gifts to the recipients (who will evaluate the quality of the content) with a token that satisfies.
Email marketers will be very motivated to get visibility in the system as the relevant content providers because they will compete for the attention of potential buyers targeted explicitly.
By using existing and marketing income allocated in part to useful email system would be beneficial in terms of targeting new customers. EMMARES will allow everyone to demand a certain level of quality for the particular content area.

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