EndChain – Affordable Tracking Solution For All Markets

EndChain is a platform based on blockchain technology, which allows to capitalize and trade all material and intangible market assets. The platform uses intelligent contracts to capitalize all valuable assets in token equivalents. Intelligent contracts combine virtual and real economies to create a new economic system and a programmable economy. Novelty increases safety and speed through the use of blockchain technology to develop a programmable economy.

The advantages of the system include:
• Reduced transaction costs because there are no intermediaries.
• Allows users to share profits that are monopolized by intermediaries.
• Creates a new market by capitalizing on new and foreign assets.

Two problems-productivity and lack of secure communication-hinder the achievement of the programmable economy. Even chain solves them using Merckle Tree + Namespace to bypass the performance problem by running different namespaces in parallel. The system also uses E-Oracle technology for external system networks. End chain programs are implemented in Enclave SGX to provide a secure connection to external systems.

In the current system, resellers often provide services to buyers and sellers to make transactions fast and secure. However, it is expensive. In the programmable economy, blockchain technology and the existing economic system are found through the Internet.

In this case, the programmable economy capitalizes on tangible and intangible values with the help of blockchain technology and allows free trading over the Internet. In a programmable economy, buyers and sellers directly connect without the need for a middleman, which reduces cost and simplifies the transactional process. The system also allows depositors in the network to receive a portion of the income.

The use of Blockchain technology additionally allows for the use of asset tokenization so that they can be registered as part of a token-traded blockchain and allow IoT to be used for trade automation. The existing blockchain technology is not protected against hacker threats. However, EndChain‘s safe operability allows intelligent contracts on the platform to interact with external systems, which enhances security. Using a namespace allows Edenchain to execute transactions quickly and in large volumes. The process is related to the fact that the technology divides the spaces and executes the transactions in parallel. As transactions increase, the platform provides optimal performance.

Edenchain can be used for various industries including IoT, ICO, joint economy, finance, and others. The EDN token is evaluated in 1EDN = $0.06. Developers hope to collect 24 000 000 dollars during the sale of tokens, where 10% of the available 1 000 000 000 EDN tokens will be available for purchase.

EndChain The majority of the chips are going to be distributed through ICO to deconcentrate controls and lift enough capital to hide the price of encouraging EndChain throughout the availability chain method. The remaining chips are going to be divided into four categories: Future Development, Team, Leadership, and Consultants. the longer term of development takes into consideration all doable aspects of the business. This includes, however, isn’t restricted to: bug bonuses, tokens for businesses to extend participation and development prices within the future.

Leadership and consulting tokens encourage cooperation and make sure that all staff square measure invested with within the well-being of the corporate. The coin are going to be fastened during a good contract for a year, with a quarterly distribution. Tokens for team members are going to be shared between groups supported the position and therefore the quality of their work.

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