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EndChain – What is this endchain? An endchain marker is a program that will change the way an organization is implemented across the industry in a cost-effective way.
Endchain offers a comprehensive and inexpensive logistics package that benefits all sides of the supply chain. While most recycling brands are focused on high-end products, Endchain focuses on the market with a low-and middle-market-area that has been ignored for too long. Endchain can enter this market because of the simplicity and low cost of the system compared to other markers that focus on expensive NFC chips or manual inputs.
The Endchain project aims to destroy the existing problems by using decentralization, open protocols and service services. The main task of the project is to unite the efforts of manufacturers, EndChain transport companies, intermediaries and others, allowing to solve the main problem of our time – the problem of lack of trust. This will allow moving to the qualitatively new level of delivery of goods, and also to guarantee safety, transparency, and traceability of all operations.
Many companies face the problem of lack of transparency in their work, remaining one-on-one with other suppliers and companies.
Suppliers, transport companies, brokers and government agencies use outdated supply chain tracking systems. These methods include the use of physical paper documents and material-responsible persons. The lack of modern solutions leads to delays and inability to track their own shipments. Using Blockchain to place orders,
How will this work?
Endchain strives to cover every sector of the supply chain, including the second-hand market. Our product will be available, allowing even every day to track items on the blockchain. EndChain Additional functions for links between supply chain & allowing to customize Subchains, further increase product relevance for the supply scheme.
Value creation
Endchain strives for its corporate users and investors. To meet the needs of both parties, a deflationary self-regulatory economy will be used. Corporations will be encouraged to buy and hold Endchain tokens to buy QR codes, enter smart contracts, and access the data flow.
A percentage of the fee associated with these functions will be  “burned ” to reduce the number of existing tokens. If the market value of Endchain remains the same, the price of individual tokens will increase.

Who is interested in Endchain?
Endchain provides a complete and cost-effective supply package that helps all supply chain parties. While most utility tokens focus on high-end products, Endchain focuses on the market from low to medium, an area that has been neglected for too long. Endchain can enter this market because of the ease and low price of our system compared to other tokens that focus on expensive NFC chips or manual input.
How will this help Endchain buyer?
EndChain With a customer base of great potential, endchain can work directly to sell our products. 2-4% of the income received from the sale will be devoted to burning markers endchain. This will help reduce the number of Endchain tokens in the long run; Thus the price increase. Because most companies need to plan and budget, they tend to buy and hold a number of Endchain tokens. This will create a strong support for the Endchain market.

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