ENDO Blockchain, a Protocol and Various Data Verification Services

ENDO – Procrastination and frustration are diseases of the 21st century. Earlier people were much less sorry and suffered about unfulfilled dreams. It would seem that with the advent of the Internet in front of a man opened a lot of opportunities for self-realization, but it turned out that no opportunity is realized without internal qualities of man, such as determination, awareness, etc. and how to choose Purpose, if the world provides so many different ways of development that are often embellished and ideal by the representatives of a particular market? While young, you can become anyone, but most modern people and rushing from one opportunity to another, flushing each new, most often illusory, opportunity. 
This problem can be described by one name – informational noise as the truth mixed with a lie. And every day it becomes stronger, and to get lost in it or to go the wrong road becomes more probable. The blockchain is able to change the way we use information. To show that there is a reality, and that, only, the fruit of imagination. The ENDO team changes the approach to information processing and use. We will talk about the ICO of this project now.
Information issues
In today’s world there are problems related to information:
✔ Deception – People can fraudulently gain value;
✔ Storage losses – storing of formal information is expensive. The human factor is still involved in the transfer of securities;
✔ Centralize data validation — the monopoly of institutions on the management of valuable information: change, removal, and censoring;
✔ Fake Systems-the problem is not very obvious. But we all live in contact with systems that can cheat. And it is almost impossible to prove because deception is laid in the system itself. For example, culture and history. Although we will return to the examples.
Endo Solution
ENDO is an ecosystem that integrates applications to manage verified information and provides the infrastructure for their development and maintenance.
Visually this system can be presented as follows. Looking at the picture.
These are the five layers. The central layer is the platform, it is the core of the ecosystem, responsible for its logic. The layer above are applications developed on the platform. Even higher is the API, the element of the ecosystem connection with the outside world. Even higher is the protocol, it acts as a language in which communicate organoids systems. And the final layer-storage, which can be any digital storage: from corporate servers to a simple USB flash drive.
Although the project is now mainly engaged in cooperation with various organizations, this system can be used as you wish. The main thing to understand the principle. For clarity, here are a couple of examples.
One of the life of a simple layman. When the neighbor asked me to borrow some money. In this case, it will be possible to offer it to install the application with technology ENDO, to pass in it identification and to carry out information exchange. This will be a deal, is tantamount to a documentary. only more reliable.
Here’s another example. Already for the corporate segment. Fake diploma. Now when hiring employees to work the diploma cannot be checked for authenticity, except to make an official request to the university issuing the document. But nobody ever does. That’s how some specialists work on fake diplomas, not educated people.
And there are thousands of such problems. The scope of application of ENDO technology is really huge, see the picture below. And many opportunities have yet to be discovered.
ICO Endo
Token name: EToken (ET)
Issue: 100 000 000 ET
ICO End: August 25, 2018
Softkap: $5m
Hard cap: $15M
Minimum investment: $3500
I especially want to emphasize the beauty and mobility of the website ICO: https://tokensale.endo.im
The conclusion of ENDO opens a new market, it is “the Blue Ocean”. Even the potential capacity of this market cannot be assessed and overestimated – all the more so. Such projects snapped.

Website: https://endo.im
Ico Site : https://tokensale.endo.im
Whitepaper : https://endo.im/whitepaper
Facebook : https://fb.me/endoprotocol
Medium : https://medium.com/@endo_protocol
Twitter : https://twitter.com/endo_protocol
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/endo_protocol
Telegram: https://t.me/endo_en

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