ENDO – Ecosystem Consists of 5 Interconnected Layers

ENDO – Today we will tell you about ENDO-the protocol for storage and confirmation of encrypted data. The goal of the project is to create a truly secure, authenticated, easy-to-find data environment of many types. The ENDO token in the project ecosystem will be a necessary tool to participate in the data exchange processes. From now on it will be easy to manage information about your achievements, indicators and other things. Access to the information will be available to third parties only by consent of the user.

The ENDO protocol uses the built-in blockchain, the data is read in the automatic mode. The ENDO project aims to create a world database of candidates for work. They intend to collect data from HR departments in previous job-seekers ‘ locations.
Since the information about the applicants can change over time (moving, wedding, death), all the data must be updated periodically, which is guaranteed to us by the ENDO team. The platform will also actively cooperate with insurance companies, recheck the information provided by customers to make decisions quickly and reliably. Documents that can be checked through ENDO: brand, passport, driving rights, visas, and documents proving the manufacturer of medicines and foodstuffs.

Consists of five closely interconnected layers:
-A platform that implements the logic of verification on the principles of decentralization;
-A number of applications from the company, created for business and clients;
-Unique protocol;
— and Blockchain technologies with extensive storage capabilities, such as Dropbox, Amazon, Storj, IPFS, and FTP/SSH servers.

Total in the system is produced 100 mln. Tokens (ET), the value of one during sales is 0.375 USD. United States. Soft Cap – 5 mln. The upper bar of fees – 15 mln. Usd. Buy coins during Kraudsejla can be for ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC.

How distribute all tokens?

-14% Team pool;
-2% pool of funds for bounty;
-12% share of project advisors;
-2% allocated for referral programs;
-40% Sales pool;
-15% incentive + C-Pool;
-15% will go to the liquidity fund.

Pre-Sale. The stage was successfully held from April 12 to June 20. During the period there was a bonus of 30%.
Ico. Hard-cap stage – 40 mln. Em. Started on June 20 and will end on August 25.
The bonus of 20% will be available from June 20 to July 3, from 4 to 11 July – 16%, and for the remainder of the period (July 12 – August 25) is 10%.

Site and documentation
The Project Web-page is available in 4 languages: Russian, English, Chinese and Japanese. From the first screen, we are greeted by a nice trendy design, all the blocks are located in intuitive places, all the links are working. Well-designed whitepaper and single-page presentation are available on the site.

Social networks
The team is actively communicating with potential customers in all popular social networks. To date (July 5) in telegrams (Russian channel)-253 subscribers, Instagram-1612, Twitter-132, Facebook-1105, Youtube-1933, Vk-12, Medium-44. The project is active on Reddit. In your Github profile, you can see the platform MVP. Linkedin Group has 26 employees.

Road Map
The team began to form gradually as early as 2013-2016 years. During this period, a group of talented developers and managers implemented more than 80 successful projects on outsourcing, first of all in the field of IT-development and marketing. Also in this period was launched platform Go focus LMS.
The team started to work out the idea, analyze market needs in 2017. During this period, the test version was launched. At the beginning of this year, the team was actively engaged in cooperation issues, and in the second finally was presented MVP version of the interface and began selling the token. In the third quarter, the beta version of ENDO KYC will be launched, and then ENDO Docs are released. Exchange of ERC-20 tokens on EToken will occur only in Q4. In 2019 the company has many plans for the technical development of its project, and in 2020 the RASSCHITVAET team is engaged in active promotion of the product in a sector.

Conclusion :
Perhaps, ENDO can be a great tool for checking international accounts. Platform tools allow you to quickly check the identity of the client, even though initially you have a minimum of information about it. The project uses a number of informative reliable sources that can significantly save time for its users. In general, the idea of the project is quite interesting.

Website: https://endo.im
Ico Site : https://tokensale.endo.im
Whitepaper : https://endo.im/whitepaper
Facebook : https://fb.me/endoprotocol
Medium : https://medium.com/@endo_protocol
Twitter : https://twitter.com/endo_protocol
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/endo_protocol
Telegram: https://t.me/endo_en

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