Enjoy Life Create a Universal Payment Ecosystem

Enjoy Life In an age of increasingly sophisticated, that where a variety of information can change quickly, so to access it the adoption process of development must be carried out quickly anyway and should be able to penetrate the borders of various parts of the world that can be accessed quickly.
Developments and advances in technology have created a variety of devices to just stay of  hand grip. No wonder, if there are several experts mentioned that at this time the world has been able to be in the hands of the US.

Where we know that in the life of modern society as it is today, the existence of mobile communication standards into the community today, especially among young people. This practical objects we find in the hands of almost everyone. Its function is more widespread as time passes. Not just to communicate, mobile is also used as a means of entertainment with aplikassi-an application that is in it. With the conditions under which technology will continue to evolve, the phone also continues to enhance its features.

To answer that, the times appeared the idea to introduce a project Enjoy Life which will help you do a lot of things are just “one click”. And through online technology integrated with mobile devices, making the world in the hands of customers is no longer a dream.

Introducing what is Enjoy Life
The increasingly mobile customers will demand products and service that is able to answer the challenges of their mobility. From it will present her between us Enjoy Life a perusaahaan who display multicurrency wallet, in Life we will Enjoy discover methods of payment systems, sell and buy deals, discount programs and others. All of this will be easy because we do with Enjoy Life has good application in the provision of a client or business partner.

Of all that is on offer by Enjo Life form of comfort and convenience in conducting activities in the world of kriptocurency, all of that is in accordance with the Mission of Enjoy life, namely:

Implement a solution that meets your needs and create value for the business partners and the user community of crypto.

In accordance with the Mission of darin Enjoy life that provides comfort and convenience the transaction is only done in the Palm of your hand with the use of “one click” is also a progress in the world of crypto. In addition to saving time because time is in use, all transactions carried out using the application in Life will surely Enjoy a very transparent and open.

Schedule Token Distribution Enjoy Life
The Token of the project Enjoy Life this will be we know by the name of ENJL, while it was Pre Ico will commence from the date 01 January 2017 until the date November 15, 2017 with the number of token 1 million . While Ico will be funded from date 01 January 2017 until January 15, 2018 with a population of 9 million and token the token is not sold will be in fuel.

The project allocates 1.6% Token bounti program sold for as follows: 20% for social media, 15% for translation, 20% for blogs and YouTube, 3% mark of Signature, 5% for the Telegram and 10% for other

The many benefits of Enjoy Life:

1. easy to use him in this life can Enjoy as a solution while it is located in the development or the right solution.
2. low cost him in a variety of every cost in good deals or sales activities in the activities of the purchase.
3. efficient use of Time i.e. where we will further save time which means we can make use of the time to the needs of others
4. Security and privacy also ter take care in any transaction activity, meaning we will be protected for each transaction, the activities of the various transactions.
5. Increase the number of advantages for the users who have contributed to good
6. increase interaction with the community well.

Enjoy quality life ranging from the use of payment systems with an person or different people, with the system and is also a good method and also great, marketing system and also a good marketing, and also provide a variety of opportunities for investors, this proves that Enjoy life also provide solutions and comfort.

The Activities Of Crowdsale Enjoy Life:
Preico activities will be held on 01 January 2017 At 12:00 UTC + 2
Preico activities will end on November 15, 2017 at 12:00 UTC + 2
The price of a Token is 0, $5
For minimum purchase is $200
Purchase bonus will get 50%/0.5 token every purchase
Total token is 1 milion

Ico activities will be held on December 1, 2017 At 12:00 UTC + 2
Ico activities will end on January 15, 2018 At 12:00 UTC + 2
The price of a token is $0.5
For minimum purchase is $50
Bonus on the activities of the ico:
the first 3 days 20%
3 the second day 15%
3 the third day 10%
3 days to four 5%
Total token is 9 milion
2% of the tokens that are on sale for Bounty
7% of the tokens that are sold for the development team
the token is not sold will be at burn

Website: http://ico.enjoy-life.world
Whitepaper: http://ico.enjoy-life.world/Enjoy%20Life_WP_eng.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enjoylifeapp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/enjoy_life_app
Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2284146