ENVION Mobile Mining Maximizes The Value Of Energy Around the World

ENVION  When kriptomining was still in its infancy, it is distributed properly among the several thousand people private miners, governed by rules that are transparent and not harmful to the climate due to the microscopic nature of the energy needs. All that has changed: the exponential growth of crypto gait have led to a dramatic increase in energy consumption in this sector and the mining activity concentration in countries with low social and environmental standards where electricity produced using fossil fuels. Worse, the concentration of mining resources in the hands of a few large corporations distort the process of retrieval of previously democratic decision on this network: changes in protocols and fork hard is in danger effected by interest the economy of some people.

Envion has developed a Mobile system of Mining Units (MMUs) could make use of electricity
directly at the source: in power plant water, wind power, wind power and fossil in every corner of the planet. MMU we based on container intermodal (sea) standard, equipped with
mining hardware, communications and industrial automation features of 4.0, remote control capabilities and system cooling breakthrough that yields only ~ 1% of the total system energy consumption. Overall, this is a high-tech solution that can be installed seamlessly globally and allow us to use a mixture of the cleanest and cheapest energy wherever possible.

The flexibility of the system MMU help us combine two of the most important sector of the 21st century: blockchain technology and renewable energy. Using the dynamics of exponential growth for both, we promote the preservation of the climate and the well-being of our token holder this is the physical incarnation of the spirit of blockchain: a powerful and decentralized system that can withstand disruptions in government policy, the structure of the price and supply of energy.

Envion solution provides all the necessary competitive advantage, following the approach of decentralized and gave voting rights to an experience that has been under pressure from the concentration power of mining.

We believe that the innovation system is very important so that Crypto can receive mass acceptance. We believe that in future mining operations need to be devolved to reduce their dependency towards the regulation of a single Government, individuals, and fossil energy or nuclear.

Envion technology developed to represent the next generation of data center-modular, mobile, flexible, low-maintenance, data-driven and therefore designed for the challenges of the future
Envion has developed fully automated mining work units (4.0 in), in the CSCcertified container intermodal (sea) which can be sent to any location around the world
in a few days (mostly transport routes) or Sunday (transcontinental transportation).

We apply a combination of Smart Energy Sourcing (SES) and Mobile Mining Units (MMUs) in two business models: ownership of mining operations (PMO) and third-party operations (TPO):

We believe that the next-generation energy grid should be intelligent, dynamic system connecting the power plant with the legacy of large-scale renewable energy and distributed network
producers and consumers of energy. On the last mile, such systems rely on Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and smart meters as Manager of energy and machine intelligent agents that buy and sell energy through smart contracts, using household solar roof as the power plant and car batteries as storage. In the world of energy 4.0, consumers of the 20th century that were previously not involved being active players in energy breathing organisms and flexible, managed by intelligent contract, paid within the crypto-crypto.

In the world as it is, the analysis of energy prices on a global scale is the key to efficient crypto
mining operations and the Center data9. With Smart Energy Sourcing (SES), now we’re laying the Foundation for the software infrastructure needed to manage the mining of our crypto operation and maximize the potential and flexibility of our Mobile Mining Unit in order to become a leading player in the world established from transaction-based blockchain energy.

According to a study in Cambridge recently, many of the big miners is very attentive to the issues regarding the scalability of their operations. We design all of our process with this problem.

Based on container intermodal (sea) certified ISO 9001, our mining unit is a very mobile crypto miners are in accordance with the international standard of the transportation system. Our design and engineering experts have been working to its fullest to maintain the flexibility of the unit in connection with the buildup and the settings of some units to be created
an array of the data center are easily accessible. The design of sea containers ensures cost effective
logistics by providing access to international transport and storage system is standard. Our modular design allows strict physical buildup and parallel connection of several units.

Token EVN is based etiquette ERC-20 standard. Token EVN give them
the holder of the right to:
1. receive 100% of the operating revenues of the mining property of us in two steps:
• 75% immediately repaid
• 25% reinvested to increase payments in the future
2. receive 35% revenue expression with third-party operations
3. voting and veto important decisions in corporate strategy.

The token will be offered during the 31 days, beginning on December 1, 2017 and ends on
December 31, 2017.
ICO EVN done by envion-mining solutions to the world’s first moves-targeting
energy at the source. Bidding will be open to the public. Restrictions apply to Switzerland and us investors.

Use of funds:
91% of investments in Mobile Mining Unit (MMU)
9% of Research Development and administration &
EVN token based on the ERC20 Protocol, which specifies that up to 150 million
the token to be issued with the nominal price $1. The final allocation is set as follows:
• 83% of investors
• founder of 10%
• firm envion 5%, IE. a dvisor for remuneration, etc.
• 2% gift program

Each token that is not allocated to investors, founders or company should not be made. In
In other words, the maximum number of tokens will never exceed 150 million, while investors
participate with 83% or a maximum of 124.5 million tokens, founder of participate with 10%
or a maximum of 15 million tokens and companies holding the envion 7% or maximum
10.5 million tokens (e.g. remuneration for advisors).

Website: https://envion.org/en
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