EOZ Envisions a TRUE Decentralized Global Lending Marketplace

EOZCurrently Cryptocurrency is very popular among the public and has many projects that start implementing technology Blockchain. This is due because they believe that Blokchain Technology is a technology of the future and will bring changes to the projects to be able to compete and go a step better in the future. These projects typically obtain funds from the ICO. And on average the ICO from some recent project has been a success but not the least the ICO also failed and it could be said that its a Scam. In anticipation, you as an investor should be able to sort and select the project where you will invest. Before investing you should know How his project and whether the project had a good plan going forward. Here I will discuss one project based Blockchain named EOZ. We wish you could consider to invest here.

This loan is the platform EOZ ber blockchain neighbors and well designed which is designed to reduce barriers to investment as well as increasing market liquidity Cryptocurrency and improve access to the financial freedom to 99% Global. On EOZ also offers many benefits to do as well as him on the level of profits sekisar $1 billion of which it can be predicted in the markets. And the platform is also very secure and decentralized where it uses an exclusive experience here and the existence of a Neural network (Deep Learning) that the member’s trading signals on a bot. as well as using a unique technology with an unusual form of which was known as the embodiment that can be so difficult to grasp any instruction at blockchain. EOZ and provides decentralized solution designed to reduce the risk.

Why EOZ?
Here too have been making financial services and loan programs as appropriate, secure and easy. And also you guys should consider other EOZ, EOZ because it can help and can do so by using the Automated Lending Technology. EOZ also offers maximum security as well as trade and advanced features to produce and sell products only by EOZ. The movement of a great and unique crypto. EOZ and also harness the power of technology to revolutionize trading blockchain online crypto and financial services.

The Purpose Of The Establishment Of EOZ
The goal is to create a platform for trading the stable ccryptocurrency, easily accessible and secure. This acquisition which may be developed as well as on EOZ offers advantages and disadvantages which it never happened on earlier in the progression of EOZ. This is all transactions run through peer-to-peer with no limits. As well as the other features of EOZ token that is its decentralized where it can’t control the trend, value and transaction flow. And even allowing for the ICO to use token EOZ   in operations and growth financing of this project.

Here’s the breakdown:
The Name Of The Coin: EOZ
Ticker: EOZ
Algoritgm: Scrypt
Total supply: 48 million
ICO: 12 million
Coin type: Hybrid (Pow + Po5)
POW Block Reward: 50 EOZ
Post Interest Yearly: 180%
The minimum stake age: 7 days

Tokens For Sale
EOZ is aiming to trafficking channels crypto is simple and easy for all people whenever and wherever located., EOZ offers a platform to all potential uses through the ICO. And here the details of their sales.

On the sale of pre-ICO conducted on date1 6 February with a total of 2 million tokens and $0.85. And you should know that the stage of Pre-Sale COZ has been completed and successful. And currently taking place the second sales phase which here there is some round done and with different prices but the number token remains the same as with the pre-ICO. Round 1, round 2 for $1.35 for $1.85, $2.35 for 3 rounds, round 4 for 2.85 and the last round or ronge 5 i.e. for $3.35

Current Round 1 is in progress and has 21% of the funds in the get from target hardcap on stage 1 this is 1,580,000. The price at the time of the round 1 this is $1.85. Let’s invest now and join in the round than round 1 because the price of tokens will be much more expensive. So do not miss this opportunity.

And on the sale of this token is distributed to build confidence in the community of the holder of the token. Here’s the breakdown:
• ICO 25%
• Future development 5%
• Founder of 3%
• Bounty And 2%
In addition, the distribution of funds at the ICO: 70% of crypto trade, marketing development 10%, 10% and operating expenses by 10%.

Website : https://eoz.com
Whitepaper : https://eoz.com/whitepaper.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2943023
Twitter : https://twitter.com/eozofficial
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/eozdotcom
Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/D0OHjlJCkDE1fNyHWlOaEQ

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