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EPIK TOKEN After the erasers was wiped out of our lives, the game consoles were replaced by computer games and PlayStation. It seems like a small sector for us at first glance, but it’s actually a billion-dollar sector. Because, especially with mobile phones, people have the luxury of playing games virtually anywhere and on the ground.
The Candy Crush Saga game, which many people know today, pays their owners more than $2 million a day. In this sector, which reaches 15 billion dollars in annual return; A Turkish project, founded in 2012, and has more than 170 million players all over the world, Gram Games was purchased by Zynga for 250 million dollars. The advertising and virtual products in these areas are also becoming a big market. The epic token project that we will place in this article is also a blockchain project that emerged in this field.
What is the Epık project, what are the features?
In general, the epic project is a platform that aims to create, distribute and sell virtual products in digital environments such as games and social networks. Of course, this means that there is actually an epic project that does not exist but is actually a platform for products used in virtual environments.
The project’s basis is the blockchain Licensing MarketPlace, which is basically a place that deals with creating and licensing global brands in virtual environments called BLMP. Built on this platform, more than 1,000 partners, including Evolution and Adlabs, include their customers and brands.
Even if you have already participated in any brand or digital platform on the BLMP platform, the fans and users who are also in the area are automatically joined into the system. The main objective of the system is to ensure the use of the epic Token, which is its own token for the sale of virtual goods on all digital platforms.
If we give you an example of this: a Chinese friend of mine was a virtual game patient, and all the Chinese were playing games from morning to night, like sick. Of course, because their family was very rich and they were also quite lazy, they didn’t care about reading or anything. When he asked my friend if he spent a day spending money on these games, he told me he spent 1000 yesterday. What he took was a virtual sword, an elixir of life. So in short, the epic system brings you the blockchain solution to get these products.
When we look at the example above, we can easily say that the virtual product area is a very profitable sector. Because there is no physical product in the hands of buyers, such as delivery of the distribution of things do not come to the agenda. Also, the delivered product does not have a number limit.
On the other hand, the epic token BLMP uses the business to a business system, which is what we call B2B, inter-company marketing or sales applications. This system is used by consumers to obtain branded virtual products.
As a result, I would say that the BLMP and the epic token projects are also a major development platform for brands that want to be especially branded and available. On the other hand, users are also very profitable from this platform. They claim that they will bring very special things to the users involved in the system. A virtual wallet is created for each user who already enters the system, and tokens can be stored in these wallets.

About Epık Token ICF
The ERC-20-based epic tokens, created for shopping and paying in the virtual market, have a total of 200 million units. In the sales process, the hard cap was set at $15 million or 38 thousand ETH. The first part of the sales process is complete. Currently, buyers are accepted by invitation and the minimum investment is set at 500 ETH. The main sale will start in August and be held at 1 ETH = 2600 token.

Website: https://www.epiktoken.io
WhitePaper: https://www.epiktoken.io/assets/pdf/BLMP_whitepaper.pdf
Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4473798.msg40143678#msg40143678
Telegram: https://t.me/EpikToken
Twitter: https://twitter.com/epiktoken
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